Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Multi Cultural Djinn

I didn't write the Once Upon a Djinn series thinking about making it multi-cultural.  Personally, I can't stand that shit where you insert particular races and/or cultures to satisfy some asinine expectations.  However, genies being what genies are, they do come from all races and cultures and time periods.

Jo Mayweather is a flapper from the 1920s.
Ezekiel "Zeke" ben Aron is from Old Testament times.
Omar is a Bedouin from only he knows when.
Trygvyr is a Viking.
Basil Hadresham is a Englishman and former street rat from the 1700s.
Mary Killigrew is a former pirate.  (Based on an actual lady pirate, btw.)
Iago Duarte is a Moor*.
Amun is Egyptian.
Lady Mei is a former Geisha.
Abrihet and Gabra are Nubian twins.
Michael is a surfer dude studying law.
Mena is Babylonian.
Grigori is a Cossack.
Hans and Frank are German.
Jay and Ellie are gods and can look like whoever they want to.  Right now, Ellie is Goth and Jay is dusky skinned, but they're siblings, so whatever.
Renee is human, which is more of a disadvantage than any race, religion, creed, orientation.

Some of them are good, some of them are bad.  Some of them are douches. Some were bad but now are good.  Some were good but now are bad.  Some of them are sitting the fence.

And none of the parts that make them who they really are has a damn thing to do with color.  I guess that's mainly because when you're centuries old all that inconsequential shit really is inconsequential.  No one cares that her skin color is lighter or his is darker.  No one cares that Hans is gay or that Basil is metrosexual.  ("I am not metrosexual! And I'll thank you to stop spreading that rumor!") 

In their world, it's all good.  Except some of the genies think being a slave is a natural thing and other want to destroy the institution.  And, like I said, humans are low, but that's more the Efreet talking than anything.  The Efreet suck, but even they don't care about color or culture.  They want to see everyone enslaved and they want to hold the leashes. 

They are who they are. Pretty much how we all should be anyway.

And if you don't know who they are, read Wish in One Hand and In Deep Wish.  For further additions to the motley cast of characters, read Up Wish Creek when it comes out in September.

*It's my story. I can make Iago the Moor if I want to. =op


  1. I don't care what their skin colour is either, I'm just look forward to catching up with them all in September.

  2. The Djinn stories fascinate me in how the characters with such varied backgrounds do (and don't) get along. :-)

    1. LOL, well, they've had a lot of decades to figure it out. ;o)