Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trying to Market in These Craptastic Times

Like so many other aspects of the business, marketing falls pretty much on the shoulders of the self-published author.  (And these days, on the shoulders of the traditionally published writer, too, from what I've heard, but I have no experience with that, so we'll stick with what I know for sure.) But how does one market anything in these craptastic times we live in? 

I mean, if you tweet about how awesome your book is on a day when something horrible happens, you're perceived as crass.  Because, ya know, the world knows it's you doing it.  Or even if something horrible didn't happen that day, it's kinda hard to get excited about something happy - like your awesome book - after reading just the every day news. 

People murdered, the world spiraling into abject stupidity, children and animals being abused... and that's just like ten minutes of the FB news feed.  But, hey, here's my awesome book!  Umm, yah. Woo!

Perhaps a better way to approach this something like:  Tired of reality?  Read my awesome books! (with appropriate links to buy stuff)

Except I'm not really a fan of escaping reality.  In fact, I made this meme the other day...

(Ignore the ellipsis.  I have an addiction.)

Anyway, it's hard to get all fanfare and streamers when faced with the world.  Or maybe it's just me. 

Of course, I could pay someone to market for me and then I wouldn't have to worry about it so much.  But right now, the reality is that it's not in the budget.  It's on me.  :shrug:

How do you manage to stay above the waves these days?   I've been going fishing. 

Speaking of which, I might just toddle off for a while this morning and do exactly that, so if your comment doesn't show up, it's because I'm unplugged and sitting on a rock somewhere on the river.  It'll go through when I get home. 


  1. So much for a day off for me. I've been playing catch up with paperwork, and new paperwork and then as I sat down to turn off the computer, I realized I hadn't read any of the blogs I follow I am.

    I wish I was sitting on a rock somewhere watching the river go by. Not now, though. No time.

    I tend to stay off social media. And marketing? Totally suck. I need to work on that, though I really wish I *could* afford someone to do it for me! Someday...

  2. I don't know what to say right now, except to wish I could join you on that rock.