Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Little Marketing Update

Hey all.  Time again for a little marketing thing. 

May was a busy month, what with Fertile Ground releasing and all.  And with the Kid's visit, I spent more time preparing for her than preparing to sell books, so I doubt things went off as well as they could've.  Still, I placed a couple ads, got some other exposure, and May didn't turn out too shabby.  (Not as bonza as last May,  but beggars can't be choosy.)

I placed a paid ad ($5) with Authors Billboard for the 'new release' section for Fertile Ground.  Crickets.

I placed a free book excerpt of Fertile Ground with Omnimystery News and made some sales.

I placed a paid ad ($40) for Dying Embers with Robin Reads and saw a really nice jump on the day of the ad, plus some residual sales afterwards and an increase in pages read for Kindle Unlimited.  That ad also catapulted DE into the top 100 in Serial Killer suspense ebooks, so that helped.  It fell out of the top 100 last night, but it's hovering at 107, so no too shabby.  Now I'm hoping all those people who read DE will snag a copy of Fertile Ground, too.  One can hope.

 In other news, the paperback release of Fertile Ground has been delayed due to issues at the printer.  I hope to have a new proof with all issues corrected late this week.  Then I'll be able to approve it for sale and order a bunch of copies for stock to give away or hand sell.  :fingers crossed:

Any questions?  Any comments?  Any thoughts?

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  1. Good news on Dying Embers. I hope you make back expenses and way more! If they enjoy DE, they need to read FG. I totally enjoyed it! I really need a crash course in ads and marketing but I don't have time to take a breath much less focus on something beyond new words. Soon. Like...2017. LOLOL

    Crossing fingers for lots of sales for you!