Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Halloween Week Sale

Saturday is Halloween, so what better week to put the genies on sale

Go forth and get your wish on.

And yes, the cover will be changing soon, but the words inside are the same. 

The genie Josephine Mayweather’s father gave her for her 18th birthday tricked her into trading places 90+ years ago. But hey, everything should be peachy for an immortal gal with phenomenal power, right? For Jo, immortality is more than lazing around wishing. When she’s not rescuing brethren who don’t always want to be saved, she’s juggling a halfway-house for the humanity challenged and an antiques business dealing in previously genie-owned goods. 

When some demented being starts murdering the very people she’s trying to save, she almost wishes she’d chosen the lazy life. 

Too bad for her, she can’t sit back and let this maniac ruin everything she’s worked for. All she has to do is stop a super-powerful supernatural killer and hope the Council doesn’t shut her down for breaking rules she didn’t even know existed. It’s either that or sit and watch her brethren die as her life collapses around her. Good thing for djinn-kind, Jo’s daddy didn’t raise her to back down from a fight, even if this battle could get her killed. 

Or worse—enslaved again.

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  1. I'd be all over this sale if I didn't already own it! And I think the new cover is going to rock and breathe new life into the book! *nods* Yup.