Friday, October 2, 2015

A Wild Idea

Yesterday, a horrible thing happened.  Unfortunately, it wasn't an unusual horrible thing in our current world.  And also unfortunate was the way certain people oozed forth to wave banners for their favorite cause - gun control - before the victim count was even verified or the sick bastard was neutralized.  But hey, when it comes to a cause, ya gotta strike while the iron's hot, right?

Yah.  About that.  Seems to me they're striking at the wrong iron. 

Here's a wild idea.  Instead of getting rid of guns, let's do away with the poisonous ideologies and philosophies that make people think it's hunky-dory to kill another human being. With anything. Guns, knives, ropes, poison, hammers, screwdrivers, electrical cords, antifreeze, fire, homemade bombs, nail guns, vehicles, arrows, rocks, water, their bare hands...

But please, keep focusing on those darn guns.  Cuz they've been the problem all along.  Right?  :eyeroll:

Think about it.  Seriously.  You can ban all the deadly weapons you want, but until the world addresses the real problem, people will still find a way to kill other people.  Maybe they won't be able to do it on a large scale - not easily anyway... I mean, there are probably dozens of ways to kill multiple people with the stuff you can buy at your local hardware store if you're so inclined... but they'll still be able to do it.  

Especially since someone who is willing to break the highest, most crucial law of all won't be bothered by breaking the law to obtain a deadly weapon.

So please, don't talk to me about gun control.  I'm not in favor of gun control.  I'm in favor of self-control.  Find a way to spread that shit around and we might end up seeing a lot less murder in this nation.  Hell, while we're at it, find a way to spread personal responsibility around and to ditch the idea that whatever's wrong in your life is someone else's fault.  I'd love to see the world after that happens.

But I won't. Not in my lifetime.  Probably not in my daughter's - and, if she ever has children, in my grandchildren's lifetime either.  It's too hard. And why choose the hard way when the world offers you the easy way on a daily basis.  :shrug:

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  1. Interesting that the biggest proponent of gun control hails from a city with the strictest gun control laws in the nation, yet has the highest death rate FROM GUNS! Hrmm.....

    I'm right there with you on this issue. I have guns. Lots of them. I shot my first shotgun at age six. I'm ten times that old now and I've never once killed anyone with one of my guns. Have I pulled a gun? Yes, yes I have--both professionally and personally. It makes a nice deterrent. And yes, had I been further threatened, I would have fired--and would not have shot to wound. Because I'm going home at the end of the day. And so are the people I love.