Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wicked Wednesday - Dana Sue Gray

In my novel, Dying Embers, I follow the fictional Emma Sweet as she travels the country finding her old flames, and bringing herself what thinks of as justice - but what's really just revenge for slights both real and imagined.  But at least she's got that sense of justice - albeit twisted - to back her up.

This week's Wicked Wednesday candidate only has a petulant need for things as her excuse.

Back in 1994, Dana Sue Gray decided she wanted stuff, but she didn't want to have to go through the trouble of actually working to get it.  Instead, she hit on the idea that she could kill old woman and take their stuff.  Or to be more exact - take their credit cards and rack up charges while she gave herself the lifestyle she wanted. 

Using strangulation, beating, and knifing, she did away with at least 3 older women and attempting to strangle a fourth.  That attempted murder was her undoing.  Not only did the shop owner fight her off, but she got a good look at her attacker.  Once her description got around, it wasn't hard to find this woman who was withdrawing large sums of money from her victims' bank accounts and spending their money like it was a windfall. 

In the end, though, she got the only thing she'd every really earned - a life behind bars.