Monday, February 9, 2015

The Writerly Life - Release Week Edition

Since I've never done a release week before, I have no idea how other writers do it.  This is where I'm at and where I expect to be throughout the week.

First things first - Dying Embers is done and ready to be uploaded to Amazon.  The Kindle edition will be out on Friday if at all possible.  You know, barring flood, famine, or wonky internet connection.  (I joked with my MIL about that last one on the phone yesterday.  :shudder:)  I'm ready to start working on the print version, too.  No release date on that yet because I'm totally clueless about how long that process takes.   But I do have the PDF of the cover now. Yay!

Most of this week will be devoted to getting Dying Embers out there so y'all can read it.  And to that end, I hope I'll be too busy to angst over it.

Oh, who am I kidding?  I have angst pre-scheduled in between all my other tasks.  Every time I have a free moment, I'm angsting.

I'm like trying to be all Zen.  But in the words of Bush "Everything's Zen, everything's Zen... I don't think so."

But I am using a day planner for the first time in over a decade, so I won't forget all the stuff I have to do.  (As long as I remember to write it down.)

At the end of this week, I will be a published author.  No big plans for Friday.  No champagne (because I don't drink).  No big dinner at a fancy restaurant (because eating out scares me after reading the health dept report around here).  Nada.  And that's okay, because I don't need fireworks.  What I'll need at the end of this week is a nap.

And then Saturday, I need to get back to work on something other than Dying Embers.

If you're a published writer, do you celebrate your releases?  If not, how do you imagine you'd celebrate your first release? 


  1. We usually go out to dinner. although on my last release date I was having major surgery. That was no fun. So this next time, I am going all out. LOL And you you what? I think you should do something. You're going to remember this day forever. What not make it even more memorable? Get some sparkling cider. Some chocolate. Make a toast to your book. Recognize all your hard work.

  2. You've pretty much been with me on this whole trippy journey. Send me the buy links as soon as they go live and I'll start pimping. *shakes pompoms*

    Createspace. Going live depends on whether you want to look at a print ARC before you click publish or whether you trust the digital arc they show you. If you want the print version, it'll take 2-3 weeks for printing, shipping, looking, etc. If you go digital preview/okay it should go live within a few days. It's been awhile since I released a print book through them. LOL

    As for the rest, you got this, babe! Take a deep breath and enjoy. The hard part is already done. Oh, and congrats! I'm so proud of you I'm bustin' buttons over here!!!!!!

  3. Release day is a busy day for me because it's the ONE day I feel no one will criticize me if they see me talking about my book everywhere. Other than that, I don't celebrate. I think I'll celebrate when the checks start pouring in. Wonder when that'll be? Haha! :)

    But you know I have to ask... Are you only selling on Amazon?

  4. So far, my celebrations have been a sigh of relief that it's done and "out there."
    Maybe with 1C I'll have a little party. Just me and the cat. LOL!

    I always look at my Createspace ARC first because I usually get some little formatting detail wrong that I don't notice in the PDF. Sigh.

    Deep breath, and carry on! Keep the angst to a minimum by concentrating on the next book. ;-)


  5. I think I'd celebrate with a nice relaxing deep breath and a big sigh. After all the stress & worry it's over, done & dusted - until the next one.... Congratulations. Celebrate by doing what makes you happy!