Friday, January 30, 2015

True Crime Friday - This Just In

Yesterday, police in San Francisco responded to a report of a supposedly suspicious package left on the sidewalk.  Okay, I'm not sure what exactly was suspicious about a suitcase left next to the garbage, but that's the world we live in.  (I left a suitcase next to my garbage before we moved because it was broken and covered in cat hair.)

Anyway, when responders opened the suitcase, it was filled with people parts.

A search of the nearby area found more body parts.

Medical examiners determined they were all human, but they're unclear whether the parts all belong to one person.  They aren't releasing further details of race, age or gender at this time.

Since this is 'just in', there really aren't many more details.  I did find it interesting that while every other news source reported the pertinent facts, USA Today felt the need to add to the headline that the discovery was 'near' the headquarters of Twitter (although it was nearer to a pharmacy than Twitter, so I don't know what that means), and they juxtaposed themselves by saying not only that it was in an 'up and coming area' but also that it was a troubled area with lots of homeless people. 

This is why I try to read multiple sources - because you never know who's putting a slant on something and whether that slant is actually germane to the news.

Anyway, if you live in the San Francisco area and saw someone pulling a large, I assume heavy, suitcase down the sidewalk only to leave it buy a pile of trash, call the SFPD or something.

What do you think of slanted news?  Do you even notice it, or do you have one news source you trust above all others?  Personally, I've become untrusting and cynical in my advancing years, so I see something one place and I have to go check to see what other places have to say on the subject.


  1. If I see it on Facebook from a source I don't recognize.... Yeah, I confirm it elsewhere.

    If I see it in my local newspaper (or hear about it from my local news), I pretty much believe it.

    As for "suspicious package," it could have stunk. Wouldn't it have stunk? And wouldn't you consider a suitcase that stunk suspicious? I would.

    1. I think one of the people interviewed said something smelled like dead rats, Stacy, so yeah, that probably gave them a heads-up. Still, it was near a pile of garbage anyway, so who knows. My guess is someone thought they could use the suitcase and tried to open it or something to see what was inside.