Friday, January 9, 2015

True Crime Friday - Cold Justice

Cold Justice is a show that's making headlines and doing some good in the world of unsolved murders.  It follows two investigators - Kelly Siegler and Yolanda MClary - as they go around the country trying to help local police departments solve murders that have long gone cold. 

I love these gals.  They're unflinching in their pursuit of justice.  They're unafraid of the criminals they encounter.  And they're sympathetic to the victims' families.  Kelly used to be a prosecutor.  In fact, I've seen her once on another true crime show where she played an integral part in investigating the crime.  Yolanda was a police investigator.  Together they make one hell of a kick ass team. 

But they aren't alone in their efforts. They bring in various top investigators to assist.  One in particular, Johnny Bonds, stands out.  That man seems to know just the right things to say to get information out of people.  Hell, if he questioned me, I'd probably tell him my whole life story without blinking.  (Lucky for me, he'd be totally bored by my non-criminal past.)

One site referred to the show as a mix of Rizzoli and Isles with CSI and Cold Case, but true.  I can agree with that. 

Sure, I don't always agree with some of their determinations.  If you were here, you would hear me telling the gals how to do their jobs.  But I'm an armchair quarterback when it comes to this stuff.  They're the real thing. 

And tonight is the beginning of new shows!  So, check your local listings.  Here it's on TNT at 8pm (9 eastern).  I can't wait.

Plus, I follow their Facebook page - which is neat because they post updates to the crimes they've been investigating.  The sad thing is that oftentimes, people will post about unsolved murders in their own towns - even in their own lives - and unfortunately, they're only two people doing the best the can.  I think there should be more people out there like Kelly and Yolanda - digging deeper to see what the truth really is.

Are there any unsolved murders that you know about?  Would you contact the Cold Justice team to have them investigate? 

Do you armchair quarterback shows like this, too, or is that just me?


  1. I haven't heard of this show but it sounds interesting. I really like finding out how they link everything and make their conclusions. I'll have to pop on to google and find out when its on TV here. I'm a terrible TV yeller! I like to think it's constructive yelling though ...

    1. I'm sorry if you can't find it, Fran. I always forget I have non-U.S. followers. I hope you can find it - even if it's episodes online - because it is a pretty neat show. Maybe I should have you guest post sometime so you can talk about some UK true crime shows you like.

      And YAY for constructive yelling! If nothing else, it's fun for us. (Not sure how much the Hubs likes it, but he tolerates me, so it's all good.)

  2. When I saw the ad for the new season I figured you'd be happy dancing. I love that they're from Texas. They don't put up with $h!+ from anyone. LOL And Yolanda must have been a heckava technical investigator (CSI). Since I have some experience in that field, I enjoy her approach to the evidence and crime scenes. There's one case that still haunts the detectives I worked with--it had gone cold by the time I started but we all pulled out the file and looked at from time to time. Kristen disappeared from her bedroom one May night in 1997. Her body was never found. No one was ever charged. This one comes to mind because there's been some new information come to light and the case is getting new coverage.