Friday, November 21, 2014

True Crime Friday - Homicide Hunter

I'll get into the swing of this blogging schedule.  Promise. 

Anyway, today let's talk about what has to be my favorite true crime show: Lt. Joe Kenda - Homicide Hunter

First off, I love Joe Kenda.  He's smart and witty and gritty, plus he's a silver fox, and the kid who plays the younger him is easy on the eyes. 

Second, I love the in-depth look into the various cases he's solved.  I love trying to figure out the whodunnit along with Joe.  I love seeing Joe get the bad guys.  And I especially loved Joe's little witticisms throughout.

If you're not familiar with the show, it's on Investigation Discovery.  It's details the various cases of a homicide detective with the Colorado Springs, CO police department.  He's solved almost 400, so there's a lot of cases to cover.  And they span Kenda's tenure with the department, so from the late 70s on.  Last week they showed his first homicide case - in 1977 - so he's been at this a while.

Unfortunately for me, I hate written a mystery based in CO long before I ever saw this show, and re-reading it a couple months ago, I discovered one of my secondary characters was exactly like Joe.  Needless to say, I'll fix that in edits.  I love Joe, but I need to differentiate my characters - so people don't think I'm a big ol' copycat. 

Have you ever seen the show?  What do you think about a true crime show that follows just one person and his cases?


  1. Hrm....I should have met him back in the day when I was around CSPD. I was almost accepted to their police academy (I was the next one on the list when they closed the class.) I dated a street cop, and I worked with their Community Services branch. I can't place him though.

    I catch his show when I come across it scrolling through cable. I enjoy his "witty Joe Friday" style of narration. LOL

    1. The season finale this past Tuesday had pics of him when he was young, so if you ever see that one, Silver, you may recognize his younger self. I think he's better looking now, but that's just me.

  2. I love Joe Kenda too. And yep he is a silver fox.