Monday, May 2, 2022

New Month, New Attitude

 It's my favorite month of the year and therefore, I am using this month to get reinvigorated and set my feet back on the path.  Onward!  

One can only wallow for so long, after all.  

To that end, I sat down yesterday with my trusty notebook and had a meeting with myself.  It went sort of like this:

'Where do we go from here?'

Then I listed all the things I could be / should be writing.  Pros, cons, etc.  The key to deciding what to move forward with turned out to be 'which one can I write the fastest that'll be the most likely to net me sales?'  Looking at it all that way, the answer was SCIU #4.  Tentatively... JUSTICE SERVED.  :shrug:  It's a working title.

Last night, I sent Hubs off to bed and then opened the file to start writing.  Unfortunately, I've been away from it long enough that I couldn't just pick up the thread.  That meant that I needed to go back and read everything I've already written.  And I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole renaming the main character.  (I really need to start searching the name before I fall in love with, ya know?  Who woulda guessed the name I had was also the name of an 'international escort'?  ROFL)  Anyway, she's got a new name that doesn't seem to also be the name of anyone famous or infamous.  And I'm ready for tonight when I will sit down and write the next scene.  (Barring acts of nature and power outages.)

The plan is to have this first drafted by the end of the month, so I guess this is a NoWriMo situation.  MaNoWriMo?  I kinda like it.  It has 'mano' in it, which is like Spanish for hand, as in mano a mano or hand to hand combat.  Heh.  Just me fighting with myself, doncha know.

Another thing I'm doing this month is ditching all negativity in its many forms.  Easier said than done, but I'm working on it.  

And now, I'd better get this posted because we've got a whopper storm coming in and losing power and.or internet here is always a possibility.

Anyone want to do a WriMo with me?  Jump on in, the water's fine.  ;o)  

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  1. Justice Served. I like it! And it's funny. Not the title but the coincidence of the series I just finished listening to. I won't bore you with the details but a family of secret assassines can "ride" shadows, sneak up behind people, and break their necks. They whisper "Justice served" as they do it. Because they only go after bad people who have escaped justice. Anyway, I say keep the title!

    I liked your Sunday post and totally agree. After reading it, I sat down and made myself figure out the website/link situation. And do it. I did. Had a raging headache by the time I was done but I think I have it right. I still need to get links live--once I get them.

    No more negativity. No more stalling. No more procrastination or "poor, pitiful me."

    Had great plans to get up, hit Wallyworld early and get to work. And then the storms hit. And I fell back to dozing and then it was 7 a.m. and it was/is still raining and who the heck wants their groceries to get wet and it's dark like night out there so there ya go. Best laid plans and all that shit. On to Plan B. After I drink another cup of coffee and check local radar.

    Good on you, my sister in crime, for unwallowing and dragging me along with you. We are women writers, hear us roar! And stay dry.