Friday, March 9, 2018


First off, you heard it here first - Accidental Death will be free worldwide from the 19th thru the 23rd and Natural Causes will be on sale for 99c or .99p (US / UK) from the 19th thru the 15th.  If you haven't read them yet, wait until then, pick up both, and save almost $5 off the usual cover price.  The links are over there ----------->

I'm still dragging my feet on Early Grave's edits.  It's not them.  They're fine.  It's me.  When I have the time, I can't muster the will.  And when I muster the will, I can't seem to do more than one chapter before I'm just tired of it.  This will pass.  And I'm not ready to thrown in the towel yet and move my deadline.  I suspect it's just the winter blahs hitting me late in the season this year.  Perhaps it's a bit of everything else going on in my life and my brain is toast.  Or maybe I'm just making excuses for my lazy ass. 

I'm stuck in the loop of pondering how much pimping of my own books on social media is too much.  I know I get annoyed when I see the same author constantly linking to their book in my newsfeed.  Six, seven, eight status updates in the same day?  And I know it's because they're posting to their own pages, plus to all of the groups I belong to, but come on.  It's overloading my nerves.  Then again, if you don't post to all the groups, you might miss a potential sale.  It's a balancing act.  And I suck at those.

Cover doubt is currently assailing me, too.  I loved Blink's cover.  Now I'm kind of hating it.  Bleh.  And I suspect it's making me hate some of my other covers now, too.  Bastard.  I just need to chill the hell out.

I really need to go fishing and blow air through my gaskets.  I'm mentally clogged.  Maybe tomorrow.  Until then, one foot in front of the other.


  1. Supposed to hit mid-70s here today. Go fishing. You'll feel better dipping your hook in the water.

    I'm sick and tired of my WIP too. And I haven't even finished the damn thing! Today. Maybe. I have two business things to do first.

    I don't pimp my books. I should do some of that. Yeah. Like I have all that time to do so...

    LIVE PD tonight! And now I need more coffee.

    1. It was pretty nice yesterday, but I had things, so no fishing. And I have things today. Maybe this afternoon, if I'm not too tired.

      Sorry your WIP is giving you fits. :hugs:

      LOL, yeah, in your spare time. I wish we could afford to hire assistants to do all our pimping for us. Wouldn't that be awesome?

      I missed the 100th episode because I was bushed. I'll catch it in reruns. And, yes, more coffee. Always coffee.

  2. I've got the winter blues, too. I refuse to admit depression is kicking my butt. I have too much to do!

    I agree with Silver: Go fishing. That might perk you up.

    1. Ugh, the winter and its sidekick, depression, is kicking all of our butts. Hang in there.

      Oh, it definitely would... maybe... usually. Sometimes, if the fish aren't biting and it feels futile, fishing just makes the blahs worse.