Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Early Editing

Good Mornin', Everybuddy,

Since I am editing - slowly, but still - I thought I'd drop some edit notes down for you.

This is for Early Grave...

>> Rewrite beginning. Make stronger.
>> If they're in the common area, Tess can't grab the quilt off a chest.
>> Mr. Harpton?  Ah, the groper.  Make these two separate people.
>> paychecks calling to Tess.
     ^ Not. She's living off inheritance.
> what she suffered through  (Tess
> whether he had any  (he would have
>> Add more descriptors to beg. Ch 2
>> the word of one woman
      ^ Nope. One detective, etc.
>> 13 old people @ 3 facilities?
>> His mother raised him to think
   ^ grandmother
   ^^ fix whole 'mom' thing
> Laurel Matthews?  Corey?
>> pissing contest in the first ten
    ^ make stronger
>> Eva Brown?? Seriously?  (Yes, played with it on purpose later.
>> You mention going to the funerals but never show it.  Why?
>> No page break before Ch4

That's most of the first page of notes - with super spoilery ones left out .  I realize it probably looks weird and isn't very understandable, but you get the gist of what my edit notes to myself look like.  Early on, I don't make a whole lot of notes about grammar.  I'm hitting the high spots on the first run through.  Grammar will come later after I tackle the big stuff - since I will probably insert even more typos and mistakes during the big edits.

Any questions?


  1. I'm always fascinated by the process used by other authors. It seems pretty straight forward to me. I do something similar during the first draft. Scrivener has a project column where I can drop notes to follow-up on. I'd be lost without it!

    1. Yay! Yeah, this is total first draft notes. I get way more detailed in later drafts. I'd try Scrivener, but I'm set in my ways and don't want to learn anything new if I don't have to. Grumpy old fart that I'm turning into and all that, doncha know. ;o)