Friday, May 26, 2017

Crime and Punishment in the News

In recent crime and punishment news*...

Alabama executed the supposed 'Houdini of Death Row' (because he'd managed to wiggle his way out of 7 other execution dates):

Kuwaiti officials apprehend pigeon carrying backpack full of drugs:

Then there's the 8-yr old car thief:

And the other little hoodlums in the same town:

And these assholes who killed a little boy after they stole the car he was asleep inside:

In happier news, here's a Chicago cabbie who rescued a little girl in the same situation as above:

And the feds are finally getting tough on crime again.

* You may notice a major omission in the crime news from this week.  I prefer not to touch on the horrific crimes in Manchester at this time.  It will lead to ranting and arm-waving and a rise in blood pressure, and I'm not in the mood. 

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  1. We had a similar situation here this week--12 year-old-girl asleep in the backseat of her dad's car. Thief stole it from a convenience store but he put her out about 30 miles away and she walked barefooted to another convenience store and called her dad while store personnel called the police. The guy (drugged out) was arrested sometime later. The girl was fine so that's a win.

    The world news is so freaking depressing I'm thrilled there's college softball and baseball to watch!

    Have a good holiday weekend. Go fishing. Oh...wait...this is the weekend all the "lake people" return. Ugh. Slow internet again. :/