Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Oh Well.

I had this great idea to put my political suspense, Blood Flow, for sale on Election Day.  I mean, it seemed like a natural thing.  The problem was that, in this particular election cycle, a lot of people were avoiding social media yesterday - including myself.

Oh, I had an ad go out yesterday.  It did okay, but not great. 

Unfortunately, all I really had to prop me up on my big sale day was that ad.  I wasn't around to really push the sale.  I went fishing.  I avoided FB and Twitter. 

It's still on sale for about 8 hours.  I'm trying to pick sales up on the back end of this. 

You see, I didn't think.  I mean, I did think of this great idea.  I didn't think of the repercussions surrounding the most divisive political cycle in my lifetime.  (Okay, I vaguely remember the whole Reagan/Carter thing in '79 and from what I remember, there was a lot of hand-waving there, too. "OMG, an actor? in the white hours? :panic:" I mean, there had to be if I remember it from being a 9-yr old girl.  But then again, my memory of back then is iffy, so...) 

Anyway, what I'm saying is maybe the sale right now wasn't the best idea.  People are freaking out all over the place and it all has to do with politics.  Perhaps not the best time to pimp a book the has politics at its center - especially one that might be scary for some people.  :shrug: 

Picking the right spot for a sale is a big part of the battle. 

Then again, maybe this isn't the right book for a lot of people.  I know I've had some feedback from people who've read my other books that they won't read this one - because it is kind of scary in a way.  Hard to tell what will click with readers and what won't. 

Oh well.  Onward.


  1. I have NO comment to make about the political events of today (well I have but I won't print it here) but I'm keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best!!

    1. Thank you. The less specifically said, the better. In fact, I did go for a hike this morning. Just got back. Man, am I tired, but it was quite lovely.

  2. I was a Political Science/Government/History major. I didn't go to sleep until concession and acceptance. Watching the results little PoliSic soul was just...agog. Agog, I say. ;) The demographic shifts in this country are the things of a political science wet dreams.

    So...did you catch any fish? And with the cool weather, I'm betting it was a nice walk! As for BLOOD FLOW, sorry. :( Maybe it'll land on some new radars anyway.

    1. Oh, wow. PoliSci/Govt History? Cool. Yeah, I bet some of that was way more interesting for you than the majority of the country. I was a Speech major. I only notice when they 'um, uh' through a speech.

      I caught one keeper yesterday. I brought it home just so I could use the new fillet knife I bought just before the fish stopped biting. It's in the freezer until I can catch enough for a meal. It was a gorgeous walk this morning. LOL, I went out dressed for cool weather and ended up in the sun most of the time. Way too hot. Thanks! Here's hoping.

  3. Oh no! I suppose the country was/has been a bit distracted! We should all just get back to reading though, take a break and breathe! I love your covers in the sidebar! Best of luck with your sales!!! Christy