Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Let's Talk Numbers Again

It's been a while since I talked numbers here on the blog.  But since I passed a milestone this past month, now is as good a time as any. 

This month, I rolled over $2K in gross earnings.  Yeah, it doesn't sound like much.  But I know there are authors out there struggling worse than I am, so I'm going to be content with that for now. 

Here's how that shakes out. 

First a look back at 2015:

Books sold: 1016.77
Dying Embers: 514.25
Accidental Death: 421.24
Wish in One Hand: 63.52
Blood Flow: 17.75

Now a look at this year so far:

Books sold: 556.57
Dying Embers: 297.23
Accidental Death: 45.28
Wish in One Hand: 98.73
Blood Flow: 7.04
In Deep Wish: 37.46
Fertile Ground: 62.28
Up Wish Creek: 8.55

Yeah, not quite the banner year I was hoping for, but I haven't really done much in the way of advertising this year.  Of course, it's hard to obtain advertising without reviews.  It's also hard to spend money on advertising when you don't have money, but that's my problem.  To make $2K since I started this whole endeavor, I spent around $7K.  The larger portion of that was spent in the first year, so I'm not as deep in the hole this year as I was last year.  So I got that going for me.

Lastly, if you're interested in review numbers, here they are:

Amazon: 27 reviews (4.7 stars)
Goodreads: 53 ratings / 17 reviews (4.13 stars)

Amazon: 7 reviews (4.9 stars)
Goodreads: 24 ratings/ 6 reviews (4.29 stars)

Amazon: 7 reviews (5 stars)
Goodreads: 13 ratings / 7 reviews (4.46 stars)

Amazon: 3 reviews (5 stars)
Goodreads: 4 / 2 (4.75 stars)

Amazon: 4 reviews (4.25 stars)
Goodreads: 6 / 4 (4.17 stars)

Amazon: 1 review (5 stars)
Goodreads: 2 / 2 (5 stars)

Amazon: 2 reviews (5 stars)
Goodreads: 4 / 3 (4.75 stars)

This is only for Amazon US.  I have additional reviews at Amazon UK that shake out about the same way.  No reviews on any other Amazon country site as far as I know.  I had a few reviews at B&N when I sold there.  And I know I have reviews at some of the pirate sites.  (yay, reviews... boo, book piracy)

Anyway, my books are well-received for the most part, so that's good.

Not sure where I was going with all this.  I hope it helps other writers see what's possible (although my numbers my not be indicative of anyone else's success or failure).  I hope it helps readers better understand the self-publishing thing.   

Any questions?

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  1. You're so organized. There are times I wish I had the time AND the inclination to do something like this. You'll get right side up. I have faith in you and your writing!