Monday, January 25, 2016

Writing is a Strange Thing

Writing is a strange thing.  It's drudge and depression.  It's glee and exhilaration.  It's doldrums and waiting and excruciating boredom.  It's not a profession I would encourage anyone to take up and it's one I would encourage everyone who has a story in their head to at least attempt.

It's weeks on end of staring at the same words over and over, moving them here and there, deleting them in one draft only to replace them in another.  Or it's staring at a blank page until the white imprints on your eyes and makes you snowblind.  Or it's hours slumped over the keyboard typing until your hands ache because the story is putting pressure on your brain and you have to get it out before permanent damage occurs.

It's weeping because you haven't seen a sale in days and then giggling because someone you never met said something kind about your work.

It's bipolar disorder and ADHD, phobia and neuroses whipped into a fine meringue.

Some days I want to chuck it all into the circular file and run screaming through the woods, frightening the deer and the neighbors. Some days I can't imagine ever stopping. 

Not quite sure which day today is.


  1. It's bipolar disorder and ADHD, phobia and neuroses whipped into a fine meringue.

    Holy carp! That's the best definition of it that I've ever read! And yes. Everything you said is true. So, so true but now that I'm into? I wonder why I gave up on trying for so many years.

    Today? I think it's a good day. Tomorrow? That delete button and the circular file will probably be front and center. But you know what? That's how we roll!

    1. LOL, Thanks, Silver! And thanks for reminding me of the alternative - which is not trying. Definitely not an option anymore.

      I hope yesterday was a good day for you. Now let's think positive about today. No necessary deletions or ashcanning words. But yeah, that's how we roll sometimes. =o)

  2. I'm so with you on this one. Sometimes the writing is hopeless, but sometimes I'm flying and can't wait to get back to it.

    I'm totally peeved I have to do other stuff ALL DAY tomorrow. >:-{
    But I hope I can squeeze in another hour later tonight. I'm about to hit a Candy Bar scene. :-D

    1. Thanks, Deb. In a way, we're in this together - even though it's a totally solitary thing. :hugs:

      I hope your all day stuff gets finished quicker than you think. Yay for getting more writing squeezed in and candy bar scenes! =o)

  3. And y'all still keep doing it! As a reader I thank you for it.

    1. And we thank you for being a reader! People like you are why we still keep doing it. =o)