Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wicked Wednesday - Wicked Awesome Dog

Today I decided to post some good news for a change. 

Back at the end of June a lady decided to take her dogs for a nature hike in some hard to pronounce canyon in California. They'd been there before, so she didn't really think much about letting them off the leash.  And that's how Georgia - an 8-yr-old shar-pei mix - got lost. 

Apparently, the woman searched for the dog.  Park rangers looked for the dog.  To no avail.  The rangers told her, most likely, her dog was lost for good.  Lots of snakes and coyotes out there.

Flash forward nine days.  She's in her home 35 miles from where the dog went missing when she hears the doggie door slap open.  And Georgia jumps up on the couch as if to announce "I'm back.  Did ya miss me?"

Other than being a little low on groceries, the dog appears to be fine.

Wicked awesome, dog.  Good for you. 

But I bet your mama won't be letting you run free any time soon. 

So, here's a question for you:  Leash or no leash?  I'm a leash person myself, but growing up, our dog was rarely on a leash.  Of course, he was super smart and knew where he was allowed to be.  Call him and he'd come right home.  Until that last time - which is why I'm a leash person now.  Hell, I even walk the cat on a leash.  Lots of snakes and coyotes here, too.  Plus bobcats.


  1. I don't have any pets, but I think leashes are safest all round, for dogs, owners & passers-by. Oh and especially for runners!

  2. Even my SAR dog was leashed, except when she was working in tight quarters. All my critters (sans cat) have at least rudimentary companion training. When dealing with 150 lb. dogs, it's a necessity. The only place they run without a leash is in our fenced backyard. Or when one would slip out through the garage to check out the neighborhood because we didn't shut the house door. They never got far. LOL