Sunday, July 28, 2013

Beginnings - Fertile Ground

Here we are again on another Sunday, and I'm late.  Sorry about that.  I totally planned to have this scheduled and ready to go, but the days got away from me. 

As I said last weekend, I was on a suspense kick.  This is the third of those and the one that didn't get finished.  Someday, maybe...

Fertile Ground
As she walked down the produce aisle, Adam could smell her fertility.  Her long brown hair was pulled taut from her face into an unflattering ponytail, but she could have been butt ugly for all he cared.  He didn’t need to look at her for long, he only needed to get inside her.  Plant his seed and be done with it.
Nine months from now, she would bear a perfect child in his image.  They always did.
Seven weeks ago, she had been just another blurred face at a pro-life rally.  He noticed her then, but another already held his eye.  By now that other girl was draped over the porcelain, proving her womb already bore his fruit.  He was finished with her.  On to the next.
She reached out to squeeze a cantaloupe, testing its ripeness.  He smiled at the irony.
Chances were good that she didn’t even know she was no more than fertile soil.  Most women didn’t know their cycles as well as he did.  They never took the time to watch the signs.  They never bothered to understand God’s rhythm or His plan for them.
Only he understood what the Lord’s intentions were.
“Be fruitful and multiply,” he whispered as the girl chose a bag of grapes and set them inside her cart.  Those gentle hands would raise his son.
He could imagine the strong sturdy legs taking their first steps.  A wide smile of too few teeth expressing the first joy of being a man.  For the first few months, he knew, children were little more than the monkeys some assumed humans were made from.  But he knew better.  The beginning of a man’s life was just a test; walking upright was the passage signifying God’s plan.
His sons would all know their true place in the world.
Let the women raise them through those monkey years.  Time enough to claim them once their abilities began to grow.  Once they became men.
And if any females were born, he decided, he would ignore them.  Someday they would bear sons.  After all, it was their only purpose.
“Excuse me,” a shy voice said.
He looked up and caught himself looking directly into the same watery blue eyes he’d seen at the rally all those weeks before.
“Don’t I know you from somewhere?”
This wasn’t the first time one of the girls had recognized him as he followed their paths.  He wasn’t an easy man to forget.
“Oh!  Hi!,” he said.  “Didn’t I see you at the protest in Ann Arbor last month?”
Her lush mouth split into a wide smile of perfect teeth.  “I thought that was you.  Funny seeing you here.”
“I was just thinking that myself.  I travel a lot for work.  How about you?”  His words came out as smoothly as if they were rehearsed, but they were words he’d spoken at least a dozen times.  It helped that they were true, just not particularly true for this occasion. 
“Not me.  I live a few blocks from here.”  She nodded her head in the general direction of her home.  He pasted a surprised look on his face even though he’d been there the night before, watching her.
“Small world.”
“Well, I’ve got to run.  It was nice seeing you.  Next time you’re in town, look me up.”  She tried to make her words sound sincere, but he knew she didn’t really want to see him again.  They never wanted to, but they always did.
In fact, she would be seeing him again tonight.

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  1. Ewww - and not about your writing, B.E. - that's just plain creepy! And a very different premise.