Sunday, April 14, 2013

Tragically Bad Teenage Poetry Sunday

You have some.  You know you do.  I'm guessing all writers at some point in their tragic teenage years wrote bad poetry.  We might've even submitted some to various contests - where we all won the Silver Poet award and were then invited to buy the book that our poems would be in.  (Just $39.99 plus shipping and handling for this fine faux leather bound volume*.)

So, since Lucky Seven Snippets seems to be petering out, I thought I'd use this day to post some tragically bad poetry from those tragic teen years. 

In fact, here's the only one I remember off the top of my head...

If all at once
I looked at you
And you were gone
How could I be sure
I hadn't disappeared also.

Yep, there it was in all it's meandering philosophy that lost 14 year old souls thrash around in.  I don't remember if I submitted that one to anywhere.  Maybe next week I'll post the one I submitted, got accepted and paid the $12.95 for.  (I still have that book around here somewhere.  I remember packing it to move here.)

*I never bought those.  What kid in the eighties had that kind of money to throw around?

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