Friday, July 26, 2019

Well, Ain't That the Shits

I can't even...  Just read this...

Upcoming Facebook Changes

We've already seen some of the crap they're pulling - limiting our reach, limiting what we see even after we've specifically asked to see it, etc.  This is just more of the same only worse.  If this keeps up, I predict a mass exodus.  But where to?

So, I'm testing out alternatives.  You can find me elsewhere here:

MeWe  - like FB but without the reach that FB has yet.
Pinterest - an image thing, but with the opportunity for text
Parler  - like Twitter but mostly personal/political from what I've seen so far.  No much room for marketing I think.
Instagram - like Pinterest, except I don't have any 'compatible devices', so I never post.

Yeah, I still have Facebook (personal and business).  And Twitter (although I almost never tweet - my FB page tweets when I post there).

Gotta try something, though, especially if FB is going to make posts with links (especially to places like Amazon) disappear in the feeds.  If I can't use FB to sell stuff, what exactly is the point?  I mean, I spent a lot of time developing my FB marketing strategy here.  Rebuilding it somewhere else is going to be a huge timesuck and a royal pain in the ass.

But, hey, we've all gotta do what we've gotta do.  Time will tell whether this works or whether I am well and truly screwed.

As always, you can find me here on this blog thing that has become passe apparently.  :shrug:  I'll keep blogging 'til they make me stop.


  1. That's so frustrating! Not that I ever trusted FB, but so many people put so much effort into it.

    I hope you still get *some* response from your campaigns!

  2. I hate FB. 🤬🤬🤬 I'm on MeWe. Never go there. I'm not a social media person. However, I need to start utlizing Pinterest more with critter picks and graphics dealing with my books. According to the gurus at HQN, that's a way to generate interest. I'd give anything to have the $$ to hire an assistant to do all this crap for me. I really don't want a FB group. That's just more work. I wonder what FB does with bitly links that go to Amazon and/or HQN? I guess I need to redirect those to my web page. Does that mean I need to set up individual pages for every freaking book? Or would those who actually click head to the series page and scroll?

    Now I have a headache. I need more coffee. Thanks for that link!