Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wicked Wednesday - Too Much Wicked

Right now, I don't have a specific case to offer you all.  Look at the news and there's plenty to choose from, though.  Wicked cases all throughout history - wicked cases all over the news now.  So much to choose from it makes me sick. 

Recently in a little town not far from here a man was lit on fire.  In another little town in the other direction, a man murdered his own children because of a custody battle.  Let's not even get into what's going on in the St. Louis area.  (And why I'm glad we picked the opposite end of the state from that rat's nest of crime.) 

Not that Springfield is any better.  I think they're in a race with Flint, MI to see who can have a higher murder rate for 2015.  Just watching the local news can give me more fodder for my writing than I really need.

I'd stop watching the news altogether, but I do like to stay informed.  Forewarned is forearmed and all that. Of course, they say ignorance is bliss, but then again, getting blindsided because you weren't paying attention sucks hard.

Is it me or does the nation seem to have a particularly squishy, crime-filled center lately?

How's the crime where you're at? 

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  1. I could rant. But this is your space and I normally don't spread the rantiness around in public. Yes. Current civilization seems to be crumbling and I have very dark (and probably unpopular) views on why.

    It's not just you. Or St. Louis. Or Springfield. It's happening here, too. Our murder rates are up. Not the highest they've ever been, but close. Officer-involved incidents are also on the rise. Criminals seem to think that due to the current climate, they have free rein to go after cops. Yeah, no. Not here. Aaannndddd, end rant. I have errands to run and words to write! It's a good day in my little corner of the world, but hell yeah I'll all situationally aware while I'm out in the real world.