Friday, April 10, 2015

Crime Fighter Friday - Kelly Siegler

A while back I talked about the show Cold Justice and one of the two awesome women who hunt for the truth and try to find justice - Yolanda McClary.  I didn't forget the other half of that amazing duo.  I was just saving her for today - when the season resumes on TNT.

So, let's give it up for Kelly Siegler!

Like I said in my previous post about Yolanda, Kelly is the prosecutorial side of the duo.  She's been practicing law since 1987 - kicking ass and taking names ever since. 

On the show, she's the one most likely to hug and the one who more often sheds a few tears during the course of the investigation.  Don't be fooled, though. This lady is tough and gritty.  Of the twenty death-penalty cases she tried as a prosecutor, she won 19. She's the one I'd want going after the bad guys, taking them on in a courtroom, and making them pay.

And the show restarts tonight, which is all SQUEE for me. 


  1. She knows a lot about investigating too--the right questions to ask, etc. where Yolanda goes after the forensics. :)

    1. Yep. She and Yolanda make an awesome team. And last night's show was awesome. Now the power that be need to press charges.