Thursday, April 16, 2015

Wicked Wednesday - Internet Outage

The most wicked thing about yesterday was that I had no internet until late afternoon, and since I hadn't already scheduled a post for here, you all were left without.  For my part in that, I apologize.  For the other entity's part, all I can do is shrug.  It was inconvenient all the way around.

Hubs woke up at 5am with the express idea he could get some work done.  (He has his own pursuits.)  He made coffee, turned on the computers, and then noticed the red light on the modem.  He didn't wake me - I'm tech support around here usually - but he did turn the computers off and reset the modem.  Still redlight.  I woke up at 5:30 to the siren song of the coffee maker sputtering its last drops of ambrosia into the carafe.

When I walked into the office to the sight of two darkened monitors, I knew it would not be my morning.  Luckily, I have an awesome Hubs who had already poured me a mug of java by the time I finished my morning rituals. I sat here with my silent computer, enjoyed my first cigarette and some life-affirming brew. Then I called our ISP.

Our ISP has gone to all automated phone tech support.  After sitting on the line through the Spanish admonition to press 'primo nueve', and pressing one for 'internet issues', the computer ran a check on my line and informed me that 'due to a network upgrade' I might be unable to access the internet.  Well, duh.  Technicians were working on it.  No more information.  The computer then asked if I'd like to be called when they got the problem resolved.  Well, hell, yes, I would.

No call all day.

I called them back that evening.  Went through the whole phone tree again only to be told there might be some issues in our area affecting our ability to access the internet.  Really?  :eyeroll:  And they were hoping to have the issues resolved by 8pm on the 15th. 

Well, fudge.

Throughout the day yesterday, I restarted the modem hoping the light would turn green.  Nope.  Finally, late afternoon, Hubs grabbed the phone like he was going to call them.  I handily relieved him of that burden.  After all, I am tech support here, and I'm freakin' used to it.  This time, I got the message that there was nothing wrong with our internet.  "Seriously?  My light is still glowing red at me, dude."

This time I asked the phone tree to find me an actual human being to talk to.  When I finally got one, he walked me through the process of letting my modem know that everything was okay now and it was okay to access the internet again.  Took like 10 minutes - and that was including the time it took my computer to boot.  I could've kissed that dude. 

Afterwards, as we were basking in the glow of being online, we wondered just how long the internet had been back, because obviously them telling me they'd call me when the issues were resolved was a big fat lie.  (I never did get a call.)   The idea that we went all day without being able to do the things we needed to do because an automated asshole didn't do his job kind of ticked us both off.  I should've called when I woke up, but I trusted that I would be notified.  And they let me down.  That's kinda wicked of them.  Not serial killer wicked, but still...

On the other hand, my desk is the cleanest its been in years.  Hubs went through ten years worth of digital photos on his computer and sorted them into files.  I took the time to sweep.  That pile of old, printed chapters is now shredded.  I finished a book, worked on edits, groomed Max.  We took a drive over to the lake and scouted boat ramps for our maiden voyage.  It's amazing what can get done if the internet is out. Still, I'm glad it's back.  We were both getting the DTs.


  1. Isn't it amazing how far into technology we've come? Back in '76 I learned to type on a big old Remmington manual typewriter. A couple of years later I thought was wonderful when the office I was working in got an electric golfball typewriter. I remember getting one of the first word processors in another job & then transitioning all the data from mag card readers to floppy disks. I was years behind the mobile phone revolution and only got myself a desktop pc at home when my kids were about 12 & 10 to help with their homework.

    Now I love my iPad and wouldn't be without it. It's my e-reader of choice. I can easily spend an entire evening reading the blogs I follow, playing scrabble, rummikub or cradle of rome, reading my book and checking out bargains on ebay. My reaction when I realise I can't access the page I want cos the internet is down is to shout at the router and moan about how much I pay for unlimited broadband - unlimited my a**e! And there is nothing worse than calling your ISP, holding on for centuries only to be told to unplug it and re-boot. What am I? Stupid? Already done that at least 5 times. And what's even worse is their voicemail message that tells you to go to their website to resolve any issues you've got - duh! Oh I'm sensing a little unresolved anger here.... Thankfully we've switched to fibre optic service and it seems to be much better (and more expensive, ho hum).

    Thank goodness you're back on line now.

  2. Don't. Even. Get. Me. Started! LOLOL As you know, we missed you. And worried a bit. We need set up a phone tree or something. ;)

    Glad to have you back on-line. And yeah, next time, you'll know to call like ever four hours. *.looks shifty-eyed*