Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Stuff and a Series Recommendation - Part 2

Hey all.

Yesterday I finished the round of edits so I could ship Accidental Death off to my editor for proofreading and junk.  Then I went to the convenience store and bought a half-gallon of overpriced ice cream, two bags of chocolate covered stuff (raisins and peanuts) and two Choco-Tacos.  That's how I roll, baby.

Now I have a boatload of other stuff to concentrate on - cover stuff, marketing stuff, newsletter stuff, etc.  But I'm cool with it.  Life as a self-published author and all that.  It means you have to do all the things a publisher would normally do without the hassle of them telling you how you should do it.  ;o)

It can be a hassle, but it's still more freeing than drudgery, so I'm cool with it.

If you want any more information about the upcoming release of Accidental Death, please sign up for my newsletter.  I expect a maiden voyage on that thing May 1st.

Now, for the series recommendation thing.  As you have all probably guessed, I love Silver James like a sister.  And not just because she writes awesome novels - which she totally does.  Today, I'd like to recommend to you all her Moonstruck series.

It's sexy supernatural romantic suspense action adventure political intrigue.  Yeah, that's a lot of genres there, but Silver rocks them all.  You see, there are these werewolves who work for the government in a secret military group - well, until the government screws them over and then a clandestine agency is tracking them, and another super-sekrit company tries using them for experiments.  It's wild.  And in each individual book, one of the Wolves finds his mate for life.  So, the intrigue and the action and explosions are woven tightly with a romance plotline.  (Yes, there are explosions.  Woohoo!)

Silver manages to wrap each book up by the end and provide us with a happily-ever-after for the main characters of the book, but still leaves a thread so the books all tie together into one cohesive storyline.  There's fun stuff and happy stuff and shocking stuff and heart-rending bits.  Silver hits her readers with the full gambit of emotions, but she doesn't let them down. 

And... What?  You thought it couldn't get any better? ...  Well, she's getting ready to release a new series about Wolves - with cameos from the Moonstruck characters.  This time, they're biker Wolves.  And they kick ass.  They're the Nightriders MC. I've seen the cover for her first installment - Night Shift - and it totally rocks  So keep an eye on her page for updates as to when that will be out.  Sometime this month, but not sure of exactly when.


  1. I've read the first book in this series, Bad Moon, and keep meaning to get the rest but haven't done it yet. I really enjoyed the first book so I'll get the lap top set up tonight and take a hop onto Amazon. Biker wolves - now who wouldn't love that idea???

  2. B.E.!!!! B.E.!!!!!! Thank you soooo much for the recommendation. You rock my world, sistah! If we lived closer, I'd run over there and tackle-hug you! And if we lived closer, we'd totally be back-door friends. Except you'd have to wade through my dogs to get to my backdoor...LOLOL

    Fran, NIGHT SHIFT, the first book in the Nightriders MC series won't be out until the end of the month and it's not up on preorder because I'm really slow. LOL And, I'm in the process of releasing "boxed sets"-- two Moonstruck novels with all the chapters I had to cut and now I get to put them back in so readers get the whole story. The first one, MOONSTRUCK: SECRETS, is out now and encompasses the first two books, BLOOD MOON and BAD MOON. The rest of them will be out in this format by the end of the year. Just a heads up...not that I wouldn't love you to buy all the books and read them and then by the compendiums to get the rest of the story. LOL

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I'll be hitting Amazon as soon as pay day rolls by!