Friday, April 3, 2015

Easter Weekend Contest

Hey all!  Well, today is the official start of Easter weekend, and I thought I'd run a contest.  Everyone who is signed up for my newsletter by Monday when I wake up and check my mail will be entered, and one lucky winner will get a paperback copy of Dying Embers for their very own.  I'll even sign it and throw in a signed postcard and signed bookmark. 

You can sign up for the newsletter by going to the tab on this blog that says Newsletter Sign Up Form.  Easy peasy.  I won't spam you.  I won't even bother you that much.  I'll just send out newsletters when I have a publication date to announce or a cover to reveal or a contest I'd like to run just for newsletter readers.  So, figure no more than once a month or every other month.  And you get exclusive news and junk. 

So, if you're interested, go up there, fill out the form and I'll pick a name Monday morning.  I'll announce the winner here, on my FB page, and Twitter (since the page feeds to Twitter anyway).  Then you get a book. (Which I'll probably send Priority Mail because it's not that much more and it's way less hassle.)

Sorry, this contest has to be open to US residents only.  Due to a control-freak issue at the USPS, the last book I sent to Canada was a pain (seriously, dude, you couldn't tell from the city, state, zip what the freakin' countries were?), and the overseas charges would break this little struggling artist's bank account.  It's not that I don't love my readers from abroad, but I'm working on a shoestring budget.  Maybe someday when I'm rich and famous, I can have international contests with hardcopy books, too. 

Tell you what... I'll do another contest for international readers down the road a piece where you can win an ecopy of the book and I'll mail you a signed postcard or a bookmark.  How's that sound?

Anyway, like I said, sign up using the link up there and good luck to you all!

-B.E. Sanderson


  1. Already signed up, already have all the goodies because I'm all special and stuff. *wink-wink* Looking forward to the debut issue!

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the cooler weather that came in behind the storms.

    1. I show you as signing up, Silver, but not confirming that it's okay for you to receive emails. Something about the confirmation email thingie. Same goes for Fran K. if you see this.

      And yes, you are all special and stuff! Have a great weekend, too. The cooler weather will make gardening easier here, but otherwise, I wasn't that irritated by warmer weather for a change. ;o)

  2. I signed up for your newsletter, just because that's a good thing to do anyways. But, since I live in Calgary I can't win. Draw again in my name comes up. Sigh.

  3. I'm signed up, halfway. Still waiting for the confirmation email.

    I'll happily accept your copy, Keith. ;-)

  4. Happy Easter. Regarding the email confirmation thingie, I thought I'd done that already, but maybe not. I've just checked my email and I have nothing unread so perhaps you could re-send and I'll confirm straight away.