Friday, August 3, 2018

Coming Soon!

Okay, so for the past couple weeks, you've been seeing a coming soon thing over on the right there.  It's brown and it's boring, but it got the job done until I had a cover to show you.

Well, I have a cover to show you now!

And back cover copy! 

Looks aren’t everything…  And curses aren’t real… Yeah, right. 

Burgeoning supermodel, Jeni Braxxon is all about fun parties, cold drinks, and hot guys. But when she wakes up one morning as ugly as an infectious baboon’s butt, she understands how real this curse business can be. Too bad for Jeni, uncovering the existence of magic in her mundane world won’t uncover who cast this heinous spell or why. With the list of people she could’ve pissed off lately, the possibilities seem endless.

And as if she wasn’t already up shit’s creek, bigger worries keep slapping her upside her ugly head. Like her jerkstick brother’s disappearance, and why the police are trying to lay the blame at her pretty, pink feet. This is all way too much for a gal who lives by her looks, but she doesn’t really have any other choice. Higher stakes are on the line and, pretty damned cursed or not, she’s got to make it right.

Even if it kills her.

I'm still on track to have this out on August 29th.  I'm hoping to get the edits completed in time to put it up for pre-order on the 18th, but that's iffy.  We'll see.

And I'll have a Goodreads listing up shortly.  Stop back later for a link so you can Want to Read it.  Here's the Goodreads link.

I really hope you guys like this one.  It's definitely snarky and fun. 


  1. *happy dances around the room* This is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't wait!!!

  2. Thanks, Everyone! I can't wait 'til this one is available for all y'all to read. =o)