Friday, June 22, 2018

Brief Marketing Update 1

I'm doing some test marketing right now.  This post is as much about me keeping it straight as information for you guys if you're interested in marketing data.  Bear with me.

So yesterday, I had a $10 ad go out for AD.  I sold 5 books and earned just under $4. 

This morning, I posted sales links for AD to various FB groups* for free and, within an hour, sold 2 books. 

Today, two more ads go out at $6 each.  One for AD and one for NC.  :fingers crossed:

The reason the title of this post says '1' is that I'm going to try to post an update later if sales change.  If you don't see an update, there was no change.

* The FB groups posted to were: Amazon Kindle Goodreads, Indie Authors International, eBook World, Self Published Crime Fiction Writers, and Crime, Thriller and Mystery Readers' Cafe.  Since the books I sold were in the UK, I'm going to assume the Indie Authors International group gained me those sales, but I could be wrong.


  1. I should hire you to do my marketing for me. Just sayin'. And yes, I am interested in your efforts, even if I don't ever follow up on them. I mean to but then...stuff. *rolls eyes*

    1. I'd be happy to help without you hiring me, Silver. Just let me know.