Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Updates and Advertising Stuff

Okay, so I got the edits for Wish Hits the Fan yesterday afternoon - well ahead of the expected date of 9/4, so yay.  (I was thinking 3 weeks, she was thinking 2 weeks, so it went quicker than I thought.)  This, of course, means I have to figure out if I'm going to 1) work exclusively on that, or 2) work on that and Early Grave at the same time. 

I hadn't decided by last night, so I took the night off.  (Which is fine.  I have until next Tuesday to clean up WHTF, format it and get it loaded for pre-order.  Easy-peasy.)

Today, I'm still not sure what I'll do.  All I know right now is that I have to get some advertising in place for the series in the general timeframe of my release on 9/15.  I've got the first book set up as Free from 9/14-9/18, and the next two as 99c from 9/14-9/21.  This morning I sent an ad request* to Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Bargains for all three of those.  (They're running a special right now, 2 days for $3.)

I've also made a spreadsheet of all the advertising venues I'm aware of and their costs, so I can figure out where to best spend my money.  Go for the high dollar ads and hope they accept my submission?  Stick with the lower cost ones that are more likely to accept my books?  Try both and hope I don't over extend myself?  Did I leave all this to too late again?  Gah.

This might be why I get burned out...  Hmmm...

Anyway, I'll get 'er done.  Wish Hits the Fan will be live on September 15th, and the other books will be on sale then, too.  WHTF will be $2.99, so you could conceivably get the whole series for under $5.  (free+.99+.99+2.99 = 4.97...Yep. It's early yet and the coffee hasn't kicked in.)

So, spread the word.  Buy the books.  Leave reviews.  I'll be eternally grateful.  I'll even send out some swag if you let me know you've been talking up my books...

Oh, crap.  I have to make bookmarks and postcards... 

:runs screaming into the dawn:

* Do not do work before the coffee has kicked in.  I sent the wrong dates on the request for Wish in One Hand.  But the gal there is nice, so she should be okay when I tell her I fucked up.


  1. *hangs head in shame* distracted by deadlines and I haven't finished reading it yet. So far, it's covered in awesome sauce. I'll have it read by release day with a review ready to go when I buy it. Unless you are going KU, in which case, I'll KU it THEN buy it. Double bang for the bucks, as they say. ;) And I'll still review it. And pump it up when the time comes.

    1. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Geez. Deadlines, the mishap, the life stuff... Read it when you can. And thanks for saying it's covered in awesomesauce. :hugs: Yeah, it'll be a KU. Wider distribution hasn't done anything for me, so I'll stay KU.