Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How I Edit w/ My Editor

I said something in Monday's comments about addressing this in today's post, so here it is. 

First, I hate track changes.  Loathe it.  Everything all crammed over on the right side of the page, so I have to glance there and then glance at the writing and then glance there and then glance at the writing.  Bleh.

My editor, bless her, doesn't make me use track changes.  What she does is put her notes and comments right in the manuscript.  In pink font.  All I have to do is scroll down. I see pink, I stop.  Then I fix it in my manuscript file. 

I keep her marked up file and my clean file separate.  Both open.  I find the problems in her file, tab over to my file, find the pertinent sentence and fix it.  Voila!

Yeah, it's probably more steps than someone else might take.  I've had people suggest that I just accept the changes and make that file my main file.  Or something.  Nah.  For safety's sake, I keep the files separate.  I mean, what if I accidentally accept a change I didn't mean to accept and then I've got to go find it again and... The idea gives me a headache. 

This is what works for me.  It seems to be what works for her.  She's never indicated any differently, so we'll stick with this.  If things change, then they'll change.  And I'll roll with it.  For now, though, I'm set in my ways.

What's something you're set in your ways about?


  1. I would hope that you never accept the changes...they are simply there as a suggestion, you are the author. And I LOVE our system and LOVE working with you, B.E. So glad you are anti track changes, too :)

    Question - have you ever used split screen to work through the edits? I know I do when I'm looking at my first round versus the second edit so that I know where I've made suggestions and where you've taken them (in fact, coming back at you is a suggestion in one chapter that you go back to how you worded it in the first manuscript you sent me). It helps me see what flows better, what works, what doesn't. Again, just another suggestion ;)

    If you ask The Husband, he'll say that I am set in my ways in everything. I am rather rigid, especially when something works for me. Why fix what's not broken, eh?

  2. I guess it depends on what you're used to. I would never tell someone to use my methods. LOL (Some days, not even me!) And I've discovered that my method evolves, but for those track changes because that's an HQ thing, and one that I was used to from other publishers, as well.

    Set in my ways about? The way I load the dishwasher. I'm almost OCD about it and though I appreciate offers to do it, I usually turn them down because, ways! Oh! And the way I put groceries on a checkout conveyor or the order I self-check them out. Goes back to LG's military days and buying in the commissary. There was a way it had to be done and even after all these years, it still seems logical so I do it. LOL