Friday, March 31, 2017

Executive Decision Time

First, I received my final round of edits from my awesome wonderful editor last night.  The edit letter started with the following:  "Awesome!! NATURAL CAUSES is a winner - and I know it's early, but I can't wait for another Dennis Haggarty Mystery! Well done, you!!"

The email carrying that awesomeness also contained a bit about scheduling for Wish Hits the Fan.  If I can have WHTF to her by the 17th of April, she can get it done before she gets tied up.  Otherwise, she can't start working on it until May 29th.

Panic ensued.

It didn't last long.  I thought about what I had left to do on WHTF and what I still need to do on Natural Causes to get it publishable by the 13th.  Then I made the Executive Decision that I would not be sending her WHTF until 5/29.  

No worries for those expecting this book to be out in August, like I promised.  I will still meet that deadline.

If I send it to her on 5/29, she'll have those edits to me on 6/29. Two weeks on my end to input those edits, send it back to her on 7/13.  Three weeks to get the second round back from her on 8/3.  Two more weeks for final edits and polishing and formatting will put the release day at 8/17.  Tada.

And my stress level dropped precipitously.  I can now focus on finishing Natural Causes and getting that out to y'all on or before 4/13.  Then I can take my time and do WHTF right.  Whew.

Leaving me free to stress about other things.  LOL

Any questions?