Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Talking Covers

It's getting nigh on time to think about cover art again.  Once more, I'll be doing the art for my next book.  I did Accidental Death's cover, so it's only fitting I do the sequel, Natural Causes.  Right? 

Word on the street from regular folk is that they all seem to be drawn to AD's cover. 

I show them the bookmark with all my covers on it and they invariably point to AD and say 'ooo, that one looks interesting'.  So, I need to try and capture that with the next cover.  I have the background, I think.
Although, I have been playing with finding an old headstone or wooden cross or something.  Or maybe an old cabin in the woods.  :shrug:  It depends on what Morguefile has available. There'll also be a figure standing looking into the scene like with AD, and of course, the title, etc.  They'll have a similar flavor, so it's easy to tell they're from the same series. 

Like these two:
I paid someone to do the cover for Dying Embers, but I did Fertile Ground myself.  I think they have the same flavor.  Dark.  Disturbing.  LOL, maybe that's just me.  (And yes, Dying Embers and Fertile Ground are still on sale.  Thru Saturday.  Snag a copy while you can.)

Anyway, I'll be working on that between now and the middle of next month, so I have something to show when I announce a launch date. 

Speaking of covers, I saw what I think it a horrible one this morning.  All it showed was a man from mid-chest to upper thighs, wearing a business suit, and in the process of unzipping his fly.  I'm like ew.  I know it was supposed to be sexy, but it made me think he was getting ready to take a whiz.  Nothing romantic about that.

What really grabs your attention about a cover?  What turns you off?  Do covers really make that much of a difference for your purchasing choices?


  1. Covers are so subjective. And then there's author branding, series branding, genre branding. *head explodes* As you know, I get a lot of bare chests in my Moonstruck books. I get "executive cowboys" from Harlequin. I went with eyes and a flaming motorcycle on my Nightrider books and then stylized military on my Hard Targets. Only, who does my self-pubs, keeps things straight for me. LOL

    As for what grabs my attention, my eyes are always drawn to DYING EMBERS because...old firefighter that I am. Next in line of your suspense books would be ACCIDENTAL DEATH. And I'm weird. I don't really "browse" for books. I'm usually looking up a specific book on line. I'm more about the blurb than the cover. Sorry. Not much help. :/

  2. LOL, yep, covers are very subjective. I can never tell what makes a good one or a bad one. I only know what I like and I'm probably not the best gauge because what thrills me probably doesn't thrill most other people. :shrug: I think you do a really good job separating out your series with your cover art. Readers can definitely tell which book belongs where. LOL, yay for Only!

    And thanks for liking my covers. You're always a help, Silver. :hugs: