Monday, February 13, 2017

Happy Bookiversary to Me!

Today's the official 2nd anniversary of the publication of my first self-published novel - Dying Embers!  Yay, I made it two years with most of my sanity intact.  (Well, what little of it there was to begin with.)

To celebrate, I've got Dying Embers and Fertile Ground on sale for 99c each in the US and .99p in the UK from now until Saturday.


I'm running contests on my Facebook Page today.  Go over there and Follow the page, if you haven't already, and join in the fun.  The first one up is for a $10 Amazon gift card and all you have to do is comment on the post.  The FB thing?  I cancelled it.  Only one person than me even 'liked' it and no one commented.

Right here, right now?  Well, all you have to do is comment and get in the running for a paperback copy of Dying Embers or Fertile Ground (your choice).


  1. Happy bookiversary to you!!! Here's wishing you many more x

  2. Do you have a link I can share? And congrats!

    1. Dying Embers:
      Fertile Ground:

      And thanks, Silver!

  3. Happy Anniversary!

    fyi to new readers - Dying Embers is a fantastic read!
    (I'm still trying to get up the courage for Fertile Ground. B.E.'s writing is too strong for me to take the subject lightly.)

    1. Thanks, Deb!

      I wish I could say something to alleviate your fears, but other than letting you know I didn't get too graphic with those scenes, I can't. I can say the ending is quite satisfying. For me, anyway.