Friday, May 6, 2016

Worldwide Cover Reveal and Blurb - Fertile Ground (SCIU #2)

No consent required.
Adam Wyte has been nothing special his entire life, but everyone will remember him once his mission is complete. His diabolical plan to sow his seed and reap sons is so far along, no one can stop him now. And his carefully chosen list of women will help him—whether they want to or not.  

Justice is essential.
With the shadow of Jace Douglas’ success hanging over her, Agent Teri Buchanan transferred away from the S.C.I.U. headquarters intent on proving she’s as good as the next woman. And if moving to the Detroit branch also lets her bury the memories of her own attack, even better. When her first assignment means hunting down a serial rapist turned killer, she can’t let her fears interfere with her job. Even if she ends up confronting a need to carry out more justice than she ever received.

This is not available for pre-order yet.  I plan to have this loaded to Amazon on the 16th.  I'll get the Goodreads listing up for it a little later today.  (Update: It's loaded at Goodreads.)