Friday, January 29, 2016

News and Junk and Stuff

The first bit of news is that I have finished this editing round for In Deep Wish!  I did twelve hours worth of editing on Wednesday and then a couple more yesterday, and shot that sucker off to my editor for her final pass.  Afterwards, I was a total spazz.  Euphoria hit me and I now can be fairly certain the neighbors think I'm insane, but hey, who doesn't sing bad opera off their decks when they're happy?  Just me, eh?  Oh well.  This place - with the woods and the hills - is an awesome amphitheater.

The next bit is that starting next week, I'll be trying to do some fun things to get everyone excited about the launch of In Deep Wish in March.  I'm dying to show all y'all the pretty pretty cover, but I think I'll reveal that in the next newsletter.  (If you haven't signed up for it yet, get thee to the top of this page and click the Newsletter Sign Up Form tab.  Easy peasy.)  Here's a little tease for it, though. 

If you want to see the rest, sign up for the newsletter.  Seriously.  Or wait about week after the newsletter goes out to see the whole thing splashed everywhere.  Of course, the newsletter will also have other awesome morsels, so why not sign up?  It don't cost nothin'.

The stuff: I thought about having a few contests next month, but the turnout for my contests has been super-pathetic.  If you want a contest, say so in the comments and if I get more than a few people interested, I'll put something out there.  Maybe a free book or some swag or an electronic ARC of In Deep Wish.  Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

The junk?  If you've been waiting for the right time to snag one of my books, they're all on sale for 99 cents until tomorrow night.  So grab a copy now.  I won't necessarily be raising the prices on all four books, but I haven't decided which ones will stay inexpensive and which will go back to being more profitable for me.  Get 'em while the gettin' is good.

In other news, now that I have three weeks free from In Deep Wish, I can get back to working on Fertile Ground (SCIU #2).  I have pages of edit notes already done there, so all I have to do it enter them.  Then I'll also be doing a read-through of Up Wish Creek, in order to come up with some ideas for the cover artist and so that I can start the editing process on that.  It's on the schedule for August.  (Or earlier if I can swing it.)

I had something else to say, but then I got up to refill my coffee and lost it between here and the kitchen.  Any news or stuff or junk to share?


  1. Can't wait to see the cover. I like contests but I always feel guilty if I win. Don't ask. LOLOL Okay, it's because I'm also a writer, and a friend, and contests should be for your readers and fans and to draw new readers and fans, not that I'm not either of those things--I am, but....

    What was the question?

    It's gonna hit 70 today. I need to hit the grocery store. I have a Starbucks freebie expiring today. Definitely going there too. I need to shower. I have a scene nudging around but it won't solidify. Can't to anything "serious" until it does. Maybe the shower will help.

    What was the question? *wanders off for a fresh cup of coffee*

    1. Don't feel guilty. You're a reader, just as much as you're a writer. And a fan. And a reviewer. Basically, you rock.

      It was gorgeous here today, too. I stayed home and enjoyed the sun from the deck. Then I went out and bought lottery tickets, just cuz. LOL

  2. I'm always up for a contest as I love winning, but don't do it just for me. I do the singing thing too, just not opera. I'm more a rock chick.

    1. And I love having people like you enter. =o)

      LOL. I said bad opera - like Bugs Bunny would do. LA, la la la la la LA laaaa! Figaro! But I do the rock thing, too. In my car mostly. ;o)

  3. I signed up for your newsletter.
    No news or stuff or junk to share. It's quiet around here.

    1. Thanks, Stacy! I got the notice earlier today. Yay!

      Quiet is good sometimes!

  4. Yay for finishing your edits! Go, girl!

    I love entering contests. *Especially* your contests.

    I just spent the last four hours joining Amazon Associates, embedding preview links for all my novels, and adding in associate links, all in hopes of earning a few more $$. But only on one website. I still have the other one to go. (Drops in a faint.) At least the website editor on the other one is easier to use. :-)