Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Goodreads Contest, Etc.

For those of you who don't follow me elsewhere, I had a Goodreads contest start this morning for a paperback copy of BloodFlow.  It's so pretty in paperback form.  All shiny and new.  Well, not shiny, since it has a matte cover.  But it's definitely pet-able. 

452 pages of thrillery goodness.  Signed by me.  Natch.  And although the contest doesn't say so, it'll have a postcard and a bookmark along with it.  (Not mentioned because I didn't have those in hand when I set up the contest.  But I have them now.  Yay.) 

The postcards are basically the cover on one side with the blurb on the other and plenty of space if you want to send it to someone.  The bookmarks highlight all four of my books this time.  Basically, the image is the same as my FB Page header:

With contact info on the back. 

Anyway, that's about it today.  Oh, wait, I did get In Deep Wish to the Awesome Wonderful Editor last night.  So, I've got that going for me.

Thanks for stopping by.  If you're interested in receiving a postcard or a bookmark, say so in the comments and I'll do some kind of drawing.  I'll send out five.  If I get less than five comments, everyone wins.  More than five, I'll draw names out of a hat or something. 

Have a great day!  Me, I'm going to take the day off.  Read something, maybe.  Veg in front of the TV.  I'll still be around the computer, but no workie for me.  (Okay, probably some marketing because I can't help it.) 


  1. I just joined your giveaway! Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Your bookmark is lovely, and I'd love to have one. The whole concept of putting all your books on a great-colored background is inspiring. (Note to self: finish more covers and design a series bookmark. :) )

    1. Good luck, Deb. Thanks about the bookmark. Shoot me your address via besanderson at gmail dot com and I'll get one out to you. They really aren't that hard to make. I can send you a jpg for the preferred size at Overnight Prints.

  2. Wow, thanks for the info. I'd better take myself off to Goodreads right away and enter the contest. You enjoy your day off.

    1. Oh no. I'm so sorry, Fran. It's US only. I can't afford to ship a book to the UK at this time. Send me your address at the gmail I gave up there in Deb's comment and I'll see about sending you bookmarks and postcards. I think I can afford that.

  3. I should hire you to market for me. LOL

    I'm finally more or less caught up on social media but still in procrastination mode. Today, though, gotta clean house and maybe get the new Xmas tree up. Stormageddon is coming for dinner. Mom's new job keeps her late and Dad has baseball practice tonight so a couple of times a week, we get Storm for hot dogs and oranges. And sometimes French fries. LOL

    I should do a Goodreads giveaway. Haven't done one in a very long time. Will think on that.

    1. And I would take you up on it, if I had the time.

      Yay for almost being caught up! I'm pretty procrastinatory today myself. Although, I did get the Christmas cards out to the post office, and the packages. Yay for Storm time. Hot dogs and oranges sounds pretty good to me.

      I'm not sure how much good the Goodreads giveaways do me, but I like to see people adding my books to the 'to-read' lists - even if they never actually read them. =o)