Wednesday, September 9, 2015

BloodFlow Cover Copy Tease

Hi All!

I said on Monday that I would share the cover copy I've been working on for BloodFlow.  It occurs to me that showing it now would make me a tease, since the book isn't due out until November.  But not showing it would make me a welcher.  So here it is:

Disgraced by rumor and her career in shambles, Agent Miranda Kruz knows she wasn’t assigned to investigate the high-profile death of a senator’s wife because she’s the best person for the job.  Her superiors want this to go away.  But when the autopsy uncovers a perfectly healthy but very dead woman, Randi can’t let her superiors push her toward shutting it all up.  Even if her only suspect is a microchip her bosses have been banking on to take care of the nation’s ‘immigrant problem’.  Project Hermes is their golden opportunity and they’ll be damned if they let anyone stop it.  They may be damned either way.  Something about Hermes stinks, and Randi intends to uncover its secrets whether the government wants her to or not. 

As more bodies fall to suspicious heart attacks, all Randi has to go on is a voice and the sinking suspicion that maybe the man who started this cascade of death isn’t the only one intent on dropping corpses all over the nation’s capitol.

It's rough yet, but it gives you the general idea of what's ahead. 

I also have a very rough draft of the cover, but I'm not sharing that yet.  It needs work to look professional and that's what I want to show the world - a professional cover.