Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wicked Wednesday - Kilgore, TX KFC Murders

Okay, I admit, I saw this case on TV last night and wrote this post then.  But something struck me about the case that made it perfect for today.

In 1983, three men pushed their way into a Kentucky Fried Chicken in Kilgore, TX - after they overheard one of the employees telling someone on the phone how much money they had and how they needed to make a bank deposit that night.  They made off with like $3000 or some such amount.  But they didn't just take the money.

For some reason that will never be known, they kidnapped the five people inside the store, too.  They loaded these poor people inside a van, drove them out to the middle of nowhere, and executed them.  But not until after one of them raped a middle-aged mother of 3.

These murders remained unsolved for 22 years.  It wasn't until DNA evidence from spilled blood at the scene connected two men to the crime that anything was done.  The technology just wasn't there.  Those two assholes are spending their remaining days in prison.  The third guy - the rapist who didn't spill blood and whose DNA wasn't in CODIS - is still at large.

According to one report, one of the accused claims the 'real killer' is still out there.  Maybe the rapist and the one who murdered that poor woman did all the killing.  In my book, it doesn't make his accomplices any less guilty.  In fact, in Texas, they're lucky they didn't get the death penalty.  They probably plead out.

From all accounts, this probably doesn't fit in with the typical definition of a serial killing.  It was a mass murder, then.  The distinction is kinda academic.  Either way, five people died - which is more than the standard three for serial killing classification, so I'm counting it for this blog.  That this doesn't meet the other criteria for 'serial murder' doesn't make it any less heinous. 

What do you think?


  1. I remember hearing about this on the news, all those years ago. It's still horrifying. I don't understand how this crime is any different than blowing up the Oklahoma Fed building.

  2. I remember that case. Glad to know it was finally solved. And no, not a serial murder under the psychological/profile definition. A mass murder, but that doesn't mean that the rapist who got away isn't a serial rapist and/or serial killer.

    1. Oh, he probably is. Although you'd think that his DNA would match someone somewhere along the way.

  3. Being from Kilgore and ,Iiving there at the time,and running with the crowd I grew up with there....don't be so sure it was "solved"

  4. The mob did it was over counter feit money plates that were suppose to be at kfc restaurant then everybody was kidnapped and put in a blue van took to oil leases and questioned and excuted there last words were blacky did it

  5. Blacky has a real name he lives in Turnertown tx Frank is his name he is 80years old he's protected by the police how I know was there I was five years old my dad did the killing Frank stole the counter feit money plates from the restraunt