Sunday, December 9, 2012

Lucky Sevens Sunday Snippet - Djinnocide pg 47

Welcome back for another installment of Lucky Sevens Sunday Snippet.

The rules are simple:  Go to any '7' page within the manuscript of your choosing - be it pg 7, or pg 27, or pg 207 - find a snippet you'd like to share and post it.

And if you play along, please let me know.  Also, link back here so everyone can see where this thing got started.  Thanks.

Today's snippet is from page 47 of my urban fantasy (paranormal suspense?) Djinnocide.  This is right after some psychotic thing kills the genie Jo was sent to rescue:

I pulled myself to my feet, expecting to feel like I’d gone ten rounds with Mike Tyson and then got blasted with a flame-thrower. Instead I felt weirdly refreshed. Must have hit my head harder than I thought.

“You okay in there, boss?” I heard from beyond the building’s still-standing—how are they still standing—walls. I cast a glance down at my shredded clothing, expecting to see myself covered in yellowing bruises and burnt skin. Everything beneath the tatters glowed a healthy pink.

“Peachy,” I said. “But stay outside for a minute longer.” Stretching my senses, I tried to feel for the sadist. No sign he’d even been there. I felt for poor little Arthur Walton. His imprint clung to everything, but it was more like he rubbed himself all over the place than his particles were now part of the scenery.

Thanks for stopping by.  See ya next Sunday for another snippet.  Here's a question for you before you go, though.  Would you like to see more of this manuscript or more of Dying Embers (last week's) or something totally different?  It's not like I'm lacking in manuscripts to choose from.  ;o)


  1. I love this story. Just sayin'! And what a great snippet. Your voice really shines here.

  2. Your snippet carries quite the punch--nice!