Sunday, December 23, 2012

Lucky Sevens Sunday Snippet - AWJ pg 27

And here we are again for another Lucky Sevens Sunday Snippet.  Thanks to everyone for dropping by.  Still don't have anyone playing along, but that's okay.  I enjoy posting little snippets of my work.  If you do decide to join in, drop a note in comments, so I can come over and read your stuff, too.

Anyway, here's this week's snippet from a totally different source.  This book doesn't have a real title.  I was calling in A Warped Justice at first, so AWJ just sorta stuck.  For a little lead in, the MC - detective Dennis Haggarty - arrived in a tiny Colorado town to attend the funeral for his sister's husband.  And found a body outside the funeral home.  Here's him and his sister afterwards...

“I didn’t think the statement required an answer.  It was a horrible thing.  Horrible things happen every day, Kimmy, and this was one of them.  But do you have to keep saying it?”
“You didn’t used to be like this,” she pouted.
“Lot’s happened since then,” came his gruff reply. 
“It’s just Denver, for godsakes.  You act like you work in New York.”
“New York.  Denver.  Detroit.  A city’s a city.  It just depends on the scale.  This is nothing in the scheme of things.  Think about it.  A woman slipped and fell.  Now she’s dead.  It’s not like a gang-banger took a forty-five and blew the back of her head off…”
“Dennis!”  The horror in his sister’s voice made him regret his choice of words.  He’d been too long away from her—away from everybody not associated with his job—and it wasn’t easy trying to remember she wasn’t used to the world he lived in.
“Sorry,” he muttered.  This wasn’t how he’d planned to spend his weekend, and it certainly wasn’t how he’d envisioned his next meeting with his only family.  Once, he and his kid sister had been close.  Now he wasn’t even sure who she was, and he knew she had no clue about who he was either.
As they sat in stony silence, he pulled his car into her driveway and put it in park.  “Are you planning on staying, or are you headed back to the city?” she asked as if nothing had happened.
“I was planning on staying if you need me, and now it looks like I’ll have to stay a few days at least, whether you need me or not.  Your chief told me not to leave town.”
“Standard procedure.  I found the body.  Until they’re certain there was no foul play, they’ll want me to stick around.”

This book is one of the one's I wrote all the way through, but never did quite finish editing.  It's my first attempt at a mystery (which kinda turned into another suspense) and my first attempt at writing a male MC.  I really do need to finish this one of these days.

What do you think?


  1. Here, I'll play along. First, though, yes. You need to finish AWJ.

    This snippet is from page 7 of my current release, FAERIE FOOL. It's from the prologue, which occurs in Ireland, in the 10th century.

    Riordan could tell her eyes were dark brown, framed by impossibly long lashes. He smiled at her, though his normally easy grin was stretched a bit to hide his angry reaction to the night’s events.

    “Hello, cailín. So you’re awake after all. Do you remember me?”

    She nodded, her pinched little face solemn. Arching her neck, she shifted so she could peek out of his mantle. Her eyes widened when she recognized Ciaran, and then they resembled the waters of Galway Bay as they filled with tears. One lone drop quivered at the corner of her eye, poised on a long lash before diving onto the soft cream of her cheek and rolling away, a silvery trail the only sign of its passage.

    “Are they all gone?” Her voice whispered and, quaking with the certainty of his answer, sounded
    resigned. She shivered and closed her eyes awaiting his reply.

    “We’re still looking for your brother and sister.” He could only hope he sounded more optimistic than he felt. The raiders had left no one alive. Other than the child in his arms. Her survival was a miracle.

    And thus did Riordan MacDermot discover the one who was his heart.

  2. Oh, that's lovely, Silver. Thanks for playing along. And yeah, I need to finish this. I keep getting distracted by shiny other ideas, though. Shiny, pretty, sparkly ideas...