Monday, February 11, 2019

Wrap-up of Last Week's Marketing.

Time for another marketing post.  I hope you find these helpful.

Last week, I held Kindle Countdown Deals for all 4 of the Once Upon a Djinn series books.  I had one paid ad, 2 newsletter mentions, and numerous FB Group posts.  Prior to the ad going live on Tuesday, I had one sale for Wish in One Hand, which did what it needed to do - bump the rankings.

The sale started Sunday, and I started marketing to FB Groups then.  I used the image from my OUAD postcards. 
No sales that day.

More FB Group marketing on Monday just using the image that comes with the series link and one sale.

Monday, I paid for a FB Boost of the same ad with the series link and no other image.  $10 for 1 day.  Approximately 240 people saw it and 25 of them engaged with hit.  No sales directly relatable to it, though.  This post got some likes from people I've never heard of, but none of them Liked the OUAD Page.

Tuesday was the day of the ad. The image there was a compilation Bargain Booksy had created, with Wish in One Hand on the bottom row, second from the left.  I sold 25 books directly relatable to the ad.  Mostly WIOH, but I did see a few sales of the other three books, too.  I did no FB group marketing that day.

Wednesday, I started back to FB marketing again.  I chopped the postcard image down a bit for this day. 
By this time, the rankings for all four books had reached their zenith.  WIOH made it to 16802 in All Books, and 1178 in Paranormal & Urban Fantasy.  I saw three sales that day.

Thursday, I kept at the FB Group Marketing.  I created a new image for this day's marketing:
I sold 13 books that day.  (See Friday's post about Thursday sales.)

Since on Thursday, I had posted to FB Groups throughout the day, I didn't do too much advertising on Friday (to keep from overreaching on the 1 post a day thing and to make sure I had the availability to post everywhere on Saturday morning.)  I did create a new image and posted it to a couple of groups.
4 sales on Friday - one of each book.  By Friday night, I'd generated enough money to cover the cost of the Bargain Booksy ad.

I used the above image in all of my Saturday advertising, with the exception of the groups I'd posted to on Friday and my own FB Pages.  For those, I went with:
Just to mix it up a little.  I mean, the followers of all of those Groups had been seeing my posts for a week and I don't want to be a bore.  Ya know?

I got one sale on Saturday - after I went to bed.  

The Page Reads starting coming in on the fifth.  So far, those are only for WIOH, but I expect some of the readers who finish WIOH will go on to read the other 3 books.  Because that's what historically happens.  In fact, it happened after the Sleeping Ugly sale last month - someone read SU and then one by one, went through the genie books.  Yay.

So, that's that.   Any questions?  Which image do you like best?  Personally, I like the last one.  It's tie-dyed.  Groovy, man.


  1. I think I like the last one best, too. Wow, you're killing it with those Facebook groups!

  2. Those are good numbers! And yeah, I like the last one best too. I'm late getting around today. Don't ask. Excel is NOT my friend.

    Groove on!

  3. I think I like the second to the last best. It reminds me of a magic spell. :-)

    Yay for your sales! I hope you get LOTS of page reads!