Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Meet The Three Wise Agents

The Three Wise Agents...

Jace Douglas in Dying Embers.  After losing her family to a blaze when she was a teen, she's terrified of fire.  But she won't let her fears stop her from catching the Car-B-Que Killer.

Teri Buchanan in Fertile Ground.  With a serial rapist/killer hunting Southeast Michigan, she fights against the trauma of her own attack to bring a sick bastard to justice.

Ned Washington of Early Grave.  Haunted by the memories of his own grandmother's mistreatment and death, Ned will find and stop the psycho responsible for ending the lives of the elderly before their times have come.

These guys aren't carrying gifts, but they are on a mission.  To see justice done.

Get the whole SCIU series for under $5 today. 


  1. I <3 these books! I'd buy them again. (Adds them to my reread list for the new year.)

  2. These are all great books! Putting them on my reread list is a wonderful idea - thanks Silver!