Monday, December 26, 2016

Business Stuff

It's the 26th of December.  By this time next week, it will be next year.  And you know what that means?  New spreadsheets for 2017! 

Yeah, I'm guessing you're not nearly as excited.  Neither am I.  It's a necessary thing, though.  So, this morning I created a new 2017 Sales Totals spreadsheet and a new 2017 Book Sales Data spreadsheet.

Last year, I totally screwed something up and ended up with a mess of both.  This year I'm hoping to avoid the mess because I made a template instead of creating a copy of the Book Sales Data sheet.  (Creating a copy somehow made all the formulas in the Sales Total Spreadsheet point to the new copy instead of the original, so when I wiped out the 2015 data, it blanked out my original Sales Total sheet.  It was awful.)  Fingers crossed this all goes super smooth this year. 

So, the new spreadsheets are there.  I still have work to do, of course, but they exist - waiting patiently for new sales to fill them up.  (Fingers crossed there, too.)

That's just a screen capture of the top of the sheet.  When I scroll down, all of my books are there in order of publication.  And each has it's own color, which then translates over to pretty lines on the Sales Totals spreadsheet.  It's like a rainbow.  And each month gets its own page in the workbook.  I've only created January and February so far, but I'll get to the others.  I have time.

It's just my totally anal way of keeping track of sales.  The Sales Totals spreadsheet has pretty graphs, too.  I'll probably show a few of those when I do a 2016 wrap up post next week.

If you're a writer, how to you keep track of sales?  If you're not a writer, do you use spreadsheets for other stuff in your life or work? 


  1. Don't ask me hard questions like this. I mostly just download my royalty statements and keep them. I will say that December has turned out to be a crazy month for me, after the doldrums since like...May. The KDP payment in February will be a nice boost. I mainly don't pay much attention because I don't do any advertising so I don't need to keep track of ROI.

    And don't remind me about the New Year. I have to have at least an ARC done no later than January 3rd. *flail* I should get off the internet, huh?

  2. You're so much more organized than I am! I count numbers of sales per book per month per venue, but don't even try to track dollar amounts except in total sales.