Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You Heard it Here First

Fertile Ground will be free this weekend.  Why?  :shrug:  I felt like throwing it out there.  Now, if people want something to read over Labor Day weekend here in the states, they can dive into Teri's story.  Not sure if it's worldwide.  Possibly.  Check your local Amazon listings. 

I'll probably do some announcing of this over the weekend, but you heard it here first.  Tada!

Also, if you missed it, Wish in One Hand AND In Deep Wish are only 99 cents now through the launch of Up Wish Creek - so through the end of September most likely.  At which point, they'll go back to their $2.99 price.  If you haven't read them yet, now's your chance.

I'm playing with the idea of launching Up Wish Creek at 99 cents and seeing how that works out.

I'm also playing with the idea of creating a box set for the Once Upon a Djinn books.  But not any time soon.  Your best bet for low-low pricing is to get the books now.

I do have plans for other genie books, but right now, they're on the back burner.  I really need to see people reading the other ones before I spend time and money to create more in that series. 

Before I forget, Up Wish Creek is due to be out on or before September 14th - good lord willin' and the creek don't rise.  (Which means barring any unforeseen difficulties - in case you don't speak down-home. LOL)  So, there won't be a huge time gap if you buy the other two books now.

Also, if you have read any of my books, I would seriously appreciate it if you posted a review.  Just a couple lines about what you enjoyed about it.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy.  If you've already posted a review, you totally rock.  But you probably already knew that.  :hugs:

Thanks for stopping by here.  Thanks for following my blogs.  Thanks for reading my books.  You're awesome. 


  1. I think I've reviewed all your books. If not, Gibbs Slap(tm) me and I'll get something posted. Also, remind me of the free/sales this weekend. I'll boost your signal, for what it's worth. *hugs back*

  2. Hi all, my awesomeness just took itself over to Amazon UK to pre-order Up Wish Creek but it's not there yet. Never mind, I'll get on it as soon as you let me know it's available. I like the idea of a box set of print books, but I imagine the cost of printing them for me would be prohibitive!