Monday, April 18, 2016

The Tool of the Trade

My computer is dying.  Or, at least, it's making me concerned that it's going to up and die in the middle of my doing something important*.  Which is why I bit the bullet and ordered a new computer yesterday - even though it wasn't really in the budget and it might mean I do without a couple things this month.

Okay, so it's not new new.  It's a refurb.  At about a third of the cost of new.  And loaded with Windows7, so I don't have to worry about trying to learn new software while I'm also trying to work.

I also went with a very similar model to the one I already have.  A Lenovo ThinkCentre - desktop. No tower.  No learning curve there either.  I figured this one endured my abuse for six years.  If I get half that with the refurb, I'll be happy.

This is the tool of my trade.  Sure, I can write with pen and paper - and often do - but everything has to be digital in order for me to actually bring words to the readers.  (Even if later you can also get it in paper form.)  It's an investment.  This allows me to publish books, interact with readers, market, etc.  And I'd be a sad little writer if I didn't have one.

If it's so important, why did I go with a refurbished computer instead of a new one?  Well, I did the research.  Refurbished doesn't mean someone used the computer for years, beating the hell out of it until they no longer needed it.  It means that for one reason or other it can't be sold as new or it was one of a big lot that didn't sell out in the first place.  Or something.  Anyway, it's guaranteed.  (If you're going refurbished, make sure you get one that still has a warranty and that the seller has a return policy - so if something does go wrong, you're covered.)  It has a 30 day total return policy and a 1 year warranty.  Works for me.

And there's the price thing.  And the Windows thing.

Of course, this could bite me in the ass.  If it does, you'll hear about it.  Loudly and with much arm waving.

But it's the best I can do right now.  And it'll work - because it has to.

Anyway, I spent the better part of yesterday backing up files in case of disaster and so they'll be ready to transfer to the new workhorse.  Keep your fingers crossed.

*It's being a good girl this morning, or I wouldn't have written this post.  If you see less of me around the internets this week, it's because I'm trying to baby this until the other is good to go.

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  1. I really need to bite the bullet and get Carbonite to back up my hard drive. I have an external but it's making funny noises when I back up and while the cloud isn't perfect, it's better than hardware. Besides, it'll take all the program files and then download them when you switch to a new machine. Or so I've been told.

    LG blue screened his MacBook. It's a much older version and wouldn't accept the latest OS update. Oops. He had to reload all his programs even though the repair tech sucked off stuff.

    Toasterbox is like 8 years old? It was state of the art at the time but now? The little toaster that could is just barely chugging along. Sooner or later, I'll need to replace it. :( Fingers crossed for a happy switch over and cool "new" machine!