Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Once Upon a Djinn - The Facebook Page

So, I mentioned on Monday that I have a new page for my Once Upon a Djinn series.  It's totally new and I have two followers at the moment.  :waves:

My vision for this page is to use it to interact with fans of the series, provide some fun links to things related to the series, use it to announce new stuff and upcoming stuff, etc. 

There will be antiques posts - because, if you haven't read the first genie book yet, the main character owns Mayweather Antiquities - an antiques business and auction house.  She sells the things her genie friends and no longer want or need, and she uses the fundage to keep her real business of genie rescue and rehabilitation up and running.  (Wishing up money upsets the global financial balance, don't ya know.) 

There will be posts about things supernatural - including, I hope, links to paranormal book releases, reviews, etc.

I plan to share links about people who may or may not BE genies or OWN genies - you know, the extremely lucky, the weirdly successful, and the strangely beautiful and.or ageless.  (I think Dick Clark was a genie... is a genie... who couldn't keep up the human act any longer as Dick Clark. His appearance and name are probably altered now and he's working in some other occupation.)

If you have any ideas about what might be cool there, let me know.  If you have any suggestions for genie sightings or interesting antiques that might be appropriate for a Mayweather Auction, shoot me an email at be.sanderson.writer at  Or Facebook message me.  (Talk to me first, though.  I won't open links from total strangers because, well, viruses.)

If you are not on FB, that's okay.  You can still read the page.  You'll still see all the news and posts. You can still interact with me about it.  You just can't interact with me THERE.  No biggie.  And don't worry.  News and updates about my genie books will still be posted here and in my newsletter. 

I want this to be fun.  I'll try to remember to post there often, so you don't get bored.  I hope you'll stop by.


  1. *waves back* I love the antiques you've been sharing! When I need to procrastinate, maybe I'll go hunting. :D

  2. Just popped over for a visit - very nice. Love the antiques too, especially the Ming. As you know I'm not on facebook but I'll continue to follow the blog and pop over every now and then.