Friday, May 22, 2015

True Crime Has Tainted Us

I really watch too much true-crime TV.  Hubs and I both do.  Case in point:

I was at the nearest gas station on Wednesday, getting my lottery winnings (don't be too excited, I didn't hit the jackpot or anything) and picking out some other tickets to try my luck on.  An older lady walked up next to me to turn her scratch offs in and buy some more - hey, it's a local pastime.  A young guy walked up shortly thereafter to pay for gas.  We were all just being amiable, as people usually are at the local gas station - when the young dude exclaims

"Oh man!  That chick just messed up her new Camaro!"

We all turn to look and see a woman in a new black Camaro slowly pulling away from the red concrete poles she'd just backed into.  She gets out to look.  Another guy who'd recently been inside the store walks up to her and they both gaze at the damage.  Then she gets into the driver's side and her guy gets into the passenger side.  They pull away just slowly enough for me and another gal to get the license plate number, then they jump onto the highway and speed off - blowing the stop sign at the intersection.

The dude who originally saw the accident pays and then goes back outside to his vehicle.  I and the other lady go back to choosing scratch off tickets.  A couple minutes later the gas guy comes back in and says his wife saw the whole thing.  The car had a red scrape down the side and she said they hit the gas pump.  More kerfluffle ensues.  And I head on my merry way.

When I get home, I relay the story to Hubs.  And that's when the true crime speculation comes into play.  Why did they speed off - blowing a stop sign in the process?  Why was she backing up right there in the first place?  Was the guy casing the place?  Had they already committed a crime someplace else?  Was it a simple case of pump and run where they didn't bother to pay for the gas they'd pumped?

Stolen car?  Stolen credit card?

No insurance?  No driver's license? 

Wanted in another town for some heinous crime???

Simple case of 'god, I feel stupid and don't want to face anyone in the store'?

I swear, we aren't normal anymore.  LOL

Yesterday, I was back at the gas station, claiming my winnings (yeah, still not a jackpot, but it bought lunch at KFC), and I asked the gals if they caught the culprits.  They didn't even bother calling it in to the police.  Nothing was damaged.  The red concrete poles have been run into so many times, it's hard to tell if they sustained anything new and even if they had, they aren't really worth making an insurance claim over. 

We'll never know exactly why the pair tore away from the scene like the sheriff was hot on their trail.  But they did pay for their gas before they left, so that's something.  ;o)

Do you wonder about stuff like we do?  What would you have thought if you saw the same scene I did?  Or am I just overly tainted by true crime television?


  1. I think your writer's brain probably nudges you into all the suppositions and that's a good thing for you. I'd probably speculate at the time, but forget about it once I've driven away. My game is to test myself sometimes. If I'm driving and see someone walking along an isolated stretch of road, I try and remember as much as I can about them, height, hair colour, clothes etc. Then when I get home I try to remember as much as I can about them & write it down, just in case! Actually I'm useless at it. My brain likes to interpose it's own images over my picture of the person, so they end up looking like a friend or an actor. And I never remember number plates unless they're personalised and stand out, so I think I'd be crap as a witness. Won't stop my little games though!

  2. Fran's right. It's writer's brain. There's a meme going around with a door that's ajar. One side says "Normal Brain: Huh. Door to the garage didn't close all the way." The other side, same picture says: "Someone could have slipped under the garage door before it came down and could burst in with a knife. Or wait until 3 am and attack everyone in the house. Or slip down to the basement and live there for months until..."

    Yup. That would be LG and I. So, no. You aren't alone. :D Have a great weekend. And double-check your doors...