Thursday, May 23, 2013

Name Change

I was laying in bed last night thinking... yeah, it happens sometimes... and it occurred to me that the previous title of this blog (Tabula Rasa) might come off as a tad pretentious.  Since those who know me know I am not in any way a pretentious person, Tabula Rasa wasn't really representing who I am.

And if you've ever watched Steel Magnolias, then you know that an ounce of pretension is worth a pound of manure.  So...

I'll wait....

Okay, got it?  Manure = bullshit = BS = my initials. 

So, here we are at A Pound of B.S.

Nothing else has really changed.  The writing's still the same.  The person doing the writing hasn't changed.  The quote hasn't changed.  The only change is the face this particular blog presents to the world.

I hope you stop by often and see what crazy things have come out of my head.  =o)

(And yeah, I outed my first name.  I figure since my husband is no longer a public person, I can now be more public than I used to be.  I'd still prefer being called B.E. around the webs, though.  I've been B.E. for nine years and it's just my thing.)


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new title, B.E. - and, yes, I will continue to address you as B.E. on the web :)

  2. A rose by any other name...



    Love the new name and the new attitude! You rock. :)

  3. Thanks, Janet! Like I said, it came to me as I was falling asleep. I'm lucky I remembered it this morning.

    LOL, Silver. And thanks!